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rainbow canes

mind the gap, better in than out

111 degrees today
107 called for tomorrow
i guess i'll take pictures inside
tomorrow instead of outside
i still need to photograph
a lot of etsy stuff and list it
including the bracelet that is
already up, the photos are
horrid, too much flash
and i have another like it
so i need to be sure the photos
look different enough for
potential customers to tell them apart

i also want to get some of the pride items
up, since they have their own
subheading, or section of my shop
i may also try to sell some of the books i made
this is a crowd that would appreciate them

and i have a mostly done goddess doll
that needs some embellishment
before i put it up for sale

i had rice today
and then blew the healthy thing
and went to jack in the box
and got a shake and a
breakfast sandwhich.
now i have heartburn
and it serves me right
jack in the box indeed

the cats are, for the most part
staying inside the apartment
jack and tek have both gone out
briefly, in a feline show of
machismo, but both have come in
tired and keen on the ice water i've kept
giving them all day. jack wanted to go out
for real, the balcony wasn't enough
for him he wanted to know if the
other outside was just as hot.
he stopped on the stairs as soon
as his question was answered
and just looked up at me
i picked him up and brought him back in
silly kitty cat, my silly kitty
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for now he gets pepcid twice a day. the bloodwork will be back in a couple of days, but the vet didn't see anything wrong with him aside from the puking.

he's wandering around the house as if he can't believe he's home. leeloo is being a super bitch to him.

i'm so glad he's healthy and i don't regret spending the money to find that out.

that said, i will have my ID after the holidays and trying to find a part time job around here. we're surrounded by mini marts, it shouldn't be too hard to secure employment. i don't care what i'm making or doing. as long as the dress code is relaxed because all i have is a pair of jeans and a pair of camoflauge pants.

meantime i am focused on getting us out of the stress and ugliness our lives are financially. since it is affecting every other aspect of our lives. time for changes.
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henry slept in our bed with us last night. doc even slept with his head at my feet so he could snuggle henry. he also set up a towel as a barrier from my kicking either of them. it worked, no one got kicked. henry is back up on our bed now.

i'm concerned that he's stopped using his litter box on his own. he peed on the floor last night. i have to watch him carefully and know the signs and get him to the litter box. last night i wasn't watching him so carefully.

i have the DVD player all packed up and ready to go back to Fry's. i hope that works out.

and i have $20 to take to the vet for food for henry. provided i can get to the vet. i still haven't asked B. since we don't have anymore of the food he's getting friskies and vita cal. together they won't make up all the calories he needs, but they will almost get there.

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time to go feed henry. wish me luck. =}
2013, cyd, new

note to self, mostly

dividing up the meds not so good. not bad, just not anything like taking them together in the morning. i got motivated but didn't stay that way. plus i've been restless, and that isn't cool.needing to take a xanax before it turns to frustration restless. it could be the day's good news but i can't sit still and i am counting down until doc's return again.

there is not enough cannabis on this planet to chill me the fuck out. just long enough to read a chapter. or maybe long enough to watch a movie, i have most of my favorite movies here with me. i just can't deal. in a way i feel like the tv, live, through cable, i feel connected to the real world. movies on video or DVD make me uneasy, disconnect me (i know, i need to unplug altogether - i do that the days my cable is shut off). so i memorize every possible thing i could like on tv and switch back and forth between the show and news, but i don't ever watch it, i read the news, too.

okay, this is starting to reveal a bit too much.

jack is developing as a domesticated cat. he has learned the best time for lovin' is as we wake up, so he is there with the alarm clock in the mornings. he's also started sleeping on the corner of the bed in rotation with the others. soon he'll mellow out enough to ignore chloe's constantly taunting him and will, in effect, be the perfect kitty. we're so lucky. our beasties are uncommonly good creatures who get along and don't mess with each other's lives. even jack in his kittendom had only a couple of incidents with the hamster cage before getting that it isn't his thing. he now watches the hamster run with the same detatchment as the others, as well. i love that little kitty.
2013, cyd, new

and here he is, the monkey himself

he doesn't look like a kitten so much as a miniature cat, no kitten fluff . . . th only thing that gives away his age is his tail, it is still pointed at the end like kitten tails are. while i'm at the computer, he sits on the back of my neck with his head and front paws on the top of my head. "we named the monkey jack . . ."