Got Caught Stealing

Having had yet another clever thing stolen by a bunch of what I have to assume are white middle aged hate macines; The line in my twitter profile "Not liberal, just literate." is being passed around. I'm starting to really despise all social media. 

Maybe I should look into writing big things. Like flash fiction. My eventual new site will include blogs an such.

It was an interesting fall/winter. The police came by to do a welfare check on Doc and I. We've no idea who it was. But Doc and I were fine. Had our jammies on. When I saw the cops at the door, all I could do was laugh. 

I knew I hadn't done anything wrong, so the visit scared me. One of my parents could be hurt or dead. Paranoia is a hateful thing. It really fucks up my life. Everytime Doc is out of the house I get scared and nervous. Sometime he calls and puts me at my ease.

So, how is everybody? Has everybody had a holiday season? Happy New Year.


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