Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

Shit. Damn. fuck, and Piss.

ARGHHHH!! I am getting old. I have to admit it. I can still master my metabolism, my eyes aren't completely shot, and I don't have ANY wrinkles. But if I sit with my legs curled up, "indian style," the pain I suffer when I straighten my knee out is unspeakable. I mean, I almost scream every damn time. This is a problem because, though I have two work tables, a dining room table, and a desk, I sit on the floor all the time. Usually in front of the coffee table or my work board, which necessitates me needing to sit "indian style." Grrr. And Rarr.

I've been tweaking the looks of and Check them out when you get a moment, and let me know what you think. I'm interested to see if I went overboard with any of the new design elements that I discovered with this new program. Today I am constructing CSS tables. I hear they are far superior to HTML tables and you can do infinite things with them. I'm all about that.

I've come to realize that I don't really want much in life, in the way of material things. It's just that what little I do want, I want NOW. And what little I do want is very specific. I want a canvas roll up bag for the gel pens I am getting because I don't like the plastic case they come in and my paintbrushes and colored pencils are all stored in roll up canvas pouches. Continuity. All other pens and pencils must be kept in llidless, stackable baskets. Crayons go in a shallow drawer of a plastic storage thing I have. Everything has to be just right. From my art supplies, to my clothes, to my food.

My shopping lists include brands and sizes of packages of items. I will only eat a certain brand of store cheese. I am less picky about bread. Just make it wheat, butter top if possible. Only one kind of boxed, and frozen mac and cheese.

One specific kind of eyeliner. I only wear it once a week, and it is the only make-up that I own. But I had to have a specific one, and I had to have it right when the idea occurred to me.

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