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Something something

I got up this morning (a few minutes ago) and things were weird. Boo was asleep at my feet, which she never is. RoseTyler was asleep on the other couch, and Chewy was no where to be found. And there was dog poop in the hallway. Very unusual. I got coffee and ice water, rolled a cigarette, and went outside, to be greeted by a very lonely Chewbacca. I have no idea what went on here last night. I went to bed at 11:30 and slept until 9:15. Yes, without the constant documentation and publication of my life, I sleep again.

Things were rough here for a couple of days following my mutiny last week. But once those two days were over, I started a conversation about the Saudis, and everything has been golden since then. We haven't gotten along this well since the early days. We're friends again. Things are even. I need from him, he needs from me. No more uneven.

And I told him last night that nothing has made me feel better about the relationship in the last ten years, than this. Having a bit of control was what I needed in my life. That's all. An evening of the scales. Not complete autonomy. Just a little balance. And things have been great since we got over the initial pouting phase.

I got all of my thredup clothes. They all fit, and all look spectacular on me. I have my clothes for winter, now.

I''ve decided to try out "Bullet Journaling", to see if it is any easier on me than the novelllas I write every day. I didn't have to go out and buy all new notebooks and pens and shit, because I collect them at all times. I just dug through my pile and found a notebook, and got out my pen/pencil bins, and I'm working on setting it up. I figure I'll be ready to start using it by Monday. Do a pinterest search, if you are wondering what I am talking about. It is too complicated to go into. Simple to do, complicated to explain. I had to watch several videos before I really got it.

Did I mention that I made a profit this month? Strictly speaking based on the money I put out to support my money making. I sold enough at the shop and on ebay to make a small profit. A couple of dollars. It feels fucking great!! I knew inside that I had the right stuff in my shop to appeal to people, if they would just get to the shop. And it turns out that those that are going there are buying. Doc has spent more time in front of a post box than at bus stops this week. I'm so glad I save every little box I get.

I should clean the house today. I cleaned it earlier this week, I just need something to do today.

I'm making a video. I've already shot and edited the footage. Now I'm working on the soundtrack. Lastly I will find a poem to go with it, and use the words in the video. It will be only a three minute affair, but I'm pretty excited about it. I'll post it for Patreon Patrons for a month, and then release it widely. I got the idea while I was sitting here playing with the new lenses for my camera phone the other night. And I've been making music (I can't get it off my phone, but I have been making music). I got a music making program for the laptop last night, and I am loading it up with custom sounds, and will be working on that later today. That's my current big project.

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