Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

Not ALL Things are Good

But I can't think right now of any that aren't. I just ate a lime Otter Pop. How in the world could I possibly think of anything negative right now? I mean, really. My first freezer pop in . . . 30 years. I have discovered that I love them more than ice cream. Frozen and refreshing and sweet without all of the baggage and mucus after. Plust they are small, built for kids. I can have a couple of different ones in one sitting as a snack. Happiness and joy.

Everyone should get an Instagram account, if for no other reason, than to follow me. I don't know what it is about the medium, there's so much to like. The immediacy of the photos; the filters for moods and effects; the brevity of the messages, without a strict character limitation, these things all add up to make it very appealing. Oh, and the hashtags. So you don't even have to do the whole "follow" thing, you can just search for words. I use the shit out of them. I get found by some of the weirdest accounts. And it cross-posts to Twitter, as well as here and Facespace, so it gives me the freedom of expression of itself, with the wide distribution on Twitter, and the sharing with friends on Facespace. My username is "cydniey", all lowercase. I have really opened up with the narration of things and voicing of ideas, this time with up to the second photos and videos. Yes, there is food, with full descriptions. Yes there are pets, I try to keep the captions amusing or punny til it hurts. Just check it out. Don't even follow me if you don't want to, just go look from time to time. Oh, and a bonus I have noticed on Twitter since doing the Instagram, all manner of management in the Entertainment industry have started following me. And a lot of really interesting sci-fi, and horror authors. That's how I got the gig reviewing books for copies, by far the most personally lucrative deal I have ever made for myself. I now have so much to read. Is there such a thing as a program that converts PSF files into ePub files? If I could put these on my Kindle, instead of on the computer, which is really uncomfortable to read on. I'm willing to make a small investment in such a thing, if need be. It would benefit me in the long run, as I will be needing to convert many PDF files in the near future. Never mind, my favorite converter site does PDF to ePub. Done, now I can take a bath this evening and finish a couple of books and write the reviews tomorrow, after digesting them.

Then, there was yesterday's surprise release of my first full-length album on CD and digital formats. That's fucking incredible. Patreon funding made that possible. I've gotten (full disclosure) about $150 since getting my first patron. That was enough to cover the production costs and storage costs of the project to make and distribute an EP. Once I started putting it together, I came up with more material than I would even need for a full length LP. So I tirmmed it down, and then listed it. Then I thought to myself, and figured I would offer the material I had to leave out on a digital version of the album, plus add my published work in PDF format, and my unpublished memoir, Hurt, in a digital version under the same title. I have to sell it in two parts, I've made it worth the price, while being economical and fair to buy both. That, right there? That was pretty fucking good.

Chewbacca, Doc, the cats and I got a new dog, Rose. I will go on and on about her later, I have a big list of stuff to do today before the sun goes down in four hours. Suffice for now to say that she is a joy. It is as if she came pre-programmed. She has learned her name and all of the basic commands she needs to know to get on, in under a day. She has a resiratory infection, so I am feeding her watered down juice and home made chicken soup. She likes the broth. I just boiled that roasted chicken carcass with some sauteed vegetables and bouquet garni. Then added shredded chicken and some veggie chunks for her today and cooked it down a couple of times to reduce any extra salt out. She's running a fever. Her belly is burning up (I have to check her temp there because it is shaved and easiest to access), and she gets overheated and disoriented with exertion. The good news is that with almost 24 hours here under her gear belt, she has finally let herself relax and fall asleep. I know she will feel much better when she wakes up, I know I do when I'm sick. Sleep is very important, and she hasn't been getting it at the shelter, which is probably what lowered her immune system in the first place to the point where she got this infection. None of the other dogs in the kennel she was in had anything wrong with them. I pilled her this morning, she didn't like it, but I have a feeling it will be easier tomorrow because she now knows what the piller looks like and that it won't hurt her. Her intelligence can not be over stated. It's kind of scary. I keep expecting her to start talking to me with a feminized version of the Doctor's K-9's voice.

The woman from the company that owns the apartments and I have been in touch. She seems nice, reasonable, and willing to help. All of the things I was told she wasn't by Janae. Hopefully they have some kind of insurance policy within or without the company for such a contingency and this will simply be a matter of gathering documents, writing letters, itemizing costs, estimating emotional damage, and waiting. No lawyers. I know I could win this on contingency, but that will take a really long time, and they will be able to appeal and all of that shit to put off paying me. The house next door goes up for sale at the end of the year. If there is any possibility that I will have enough money to secure said house, I need to be able to access it at the end of the year, not when they are done playing in the courts. I will stay pleasant and reasonable. There's no need to be mean or mad. It was a procedural thing, that needs to be fixed, and could have been solved much earlier and painlessly if Janae had simply taken me seriously and been a decent human being. Now, I've gone over her head, I will see to it she is out of a job, and hopefully a future in Las Vegas real estate, and I will get my problem solved to my satisfaction without some screaming bitch worried about her job in my ear. Yeah, by the time this is done, I will insist that she is fired. And I'll fucking send her flowers on her last damn day in the office. I'll even sign the card myself, so she has my autograph. Who knows, she may be able to trade it with some future hipsters for food.

So, no, not all the things are good . . . but I'm hard pressed to name the not good ones. Every goddamn cloud in my sky has a brilliant silver lining.

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