Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

OMG, Doc and I are OLD

It takes us a while to get it together and communicate, but once we do, things go so smoothly.

Yesterday was an absolute clusterfuck. Nothing went the way I had imagined it, and I was frustrated, and couldn't effectively get my point of view across to Doc. It culminated in me entirely losing my shit when it came time to get ready to go downtown to dinner and the theater. We ended up not going. We were quickly able to give our tickets to someone who could go, though, so it wasn't a wasted birthday present. And I did get the Broadway soundtrack, and hated it. I'm too used to hearing Liza sing the part. I really didn't care for the modern interpretation of the characters. So, I'm torn about not going. I regret missing it, but am filled with wondering if I had seen it, would I have just been disappointed live? So, that is what it is.

We missed out on getting the dog I had picked out. She was adopted (yay!) by someone else (boo!). I was instructed to go back to the shelter's website and see if I could locate another suitable companion for myself and Chewy. The new dog is as much for Chewbacca as for me.The cats won't play or cuddle with him anymore, and he has gotten so nervous that he is having panic attacks on a daily basis. I'm hoping that having an ally of his own size and species will help him, somehow.

Okay, the cable guy just left. And I feel ancient. First the kid was half my age, second, we had had our cable service the same for 16 years. Things have changed. Doc told the kid some story about tearing out a guy's piercing during a play kitana fight. So old. Then I proceeded to absolutely freak out about the new technology and the new capabilities. So very old.

But WOW! I can talk to my remote! I just, at a loss for something to put on, said "superheroes" into my remote, and it gave me 25 movies to watch. So I'm watching "Megamind", which I had never heard of. That, right there, is some cool shit. Something that can humor me when I'm hopelessly bored and can only utter one or two hashtag worthy words. He was also able to hook the cable remote up to the stereos, neither of which had remotes anymore, and one of which, the volume control on the unit is broken, so we couldn't adjust the volume. It was either loud or off. Now we have full control of it. And I have full control of my stereo in my room.

And we have a phone now. That's weird. I'll have to plug that in, just to hear what a dial tone sounds like again.

Doc is taking a well deserved nap, and then is going down to pick up "Rose" (not her shelter name, but what I am calling her when she gets home) around 2. I'm trying to get him to take C with him so he's not so lonely with all of those animals there.

I wonder if Rose will like toys, or balls, or bones. Chewy shuns these things, always has. It would be different to have a dog that does dog things.

I hope Chewy is going to be okay with this. I just have to keep him in focus, so he doesn't get the impression he is being replaced. He needs to know, in no uncertain terms, that he is Canine Numero Uno, and Rose is coming to live with us for him, for his well being. It's two humans and several (I say "several" because I can't remember with the deaths, how many we actually have now, under 10) cats against one wee dog, I want to see if I can up his odds a little bit. And frankly, we just have too many leftovers for one little dog, he needs help, though he won't admit it.

I'll have to get her a sweater for winter. She can have Chewy's leather studded vest. He doesn't like it, and it dangles around his belly, so he pees on it accidentally. Rose won't have that problem. I just shopped ebay for collars. I found a wide (she has a long neck) black one with pale pink spikes all over it. Punk rock and feminine. I like it. I put a "watch" on it and will consult with Doc once she is home with us. We'll see if she has the personality to pull of such a weighty accessory. I think I'll use my cafepress store to make each of them Punk Rock Puppy t-shirts to wear in the fall. Doc has always been wary of me dressing Chewy up because he is a boy and doesn't need ornamentation. But he'll be different with a daughter, I imagine, likely going and picking things out for her, himself. And if she likes toys, he will spoil her rotten. I'm hoping she likes plush toys, because I have a couple of old teddy bears that need some attention and drool.

Oh, boy. I'm over-stimulated. I need to take a break and calm down. Before Doc gets up to get ready to go get something that will stimulate me more, Rose. Time to smoke a cigarette and relax. If I can find a charcoal disk, I'll have a hookah. I'm going to talk to Doc about maybe getting a fan for my room and allowing me to smoke cigarettes in there every so often. I don't want to smoke the room all up, but there are going to be times when it would just be best for me to stay in my room and smoke. But I have to sleep there, so I don't want it smelling like an ashtray.

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