Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

We love the cable company!

Last week, I called Cox to renegotiate my cable bill. For $230 a month, we got basic internet speeds, one pay channel, a digital box, and that's it. I just called the "high pressure" sales department today. Trepidacious because of the frankly ugly experience I had with the last rep, where I was forced to call her supervisor and complain. Doc got his customer phone tech start at Cox, I know how that job sucks and how the people are not properly trained to know what they're doing, or screened to actually care that they don't know. I will forever deal with the sales team members from now on.

I called, opted for the sales line, and waited for just a couple of minutes for a rep. We went over my questions, and I at first made the commitment to get a new DVR, and that was it. She asked if I knew how fast my internet speeds were, I told her. She laughed at me, and informed me that my speeds should be at least twice as fast, that my modem was out of date. Was I having any problems with my modem? Yes! Constantly having to reset the silly thing. She told me I needed to buy a new modem. Ugh, another $50 I have to find to spend.

Then she proceeded to ask me about my phone service, was I interested in a land line? Not really, I told her, we have multiple cell accounts. She said okay and let it go, and did some calculations while making small talk (yes, a customer rep who actually made small talk during the awkward silences!). She came back to me and said she understood my not wanting a phone, but with the channels and the internet service I was paying for, I could save $60 a month by getting a phone, and I would get a free modem, that they would maintain, so free upgrades. I agreed without hesitation.

So, taking into account the $40 I saved last week per month on my bill, she ultimately added $20 back to it. This is what I got:
- free Showtime and HBO for a year
- free DVR that will work in both rooms we have digital boxes
- a new digital cable box
- free modem with complete warranty and replacement/upgrades
- a new telephone number with enhanced 911 (which, we have lousy 911 service right now with the cells)
- TV caller ID
- the usual extras that come with phone service, voicemail, forwarding, caller ID, long distance, etc.

Ultimately I saved us only $20. But I tripled our cable service, and finally got him a DVR to use. And a cable box for my room, so I can start hanging out in there. I'm bored of the living room, dining room. I want to take over the side of the house towards the front. The spare room, now known as the studio, and my bedroom, I'm in the middle of rearranging it and cleaning it now. I will store some of my supplies in there, but most of them in the studio. I'm very excited about this.

And . . . .

I'M NOT GOING TO THE HOSPITAL!!!!! My doctor left a note on his desk last night before he left, authorizing them to release three weeks of samples to me today. So Doc is on his way to get my Latuda, and has ordered the Cymbalta from the pharmacy. He got my Xanax the other day. I don't have to take Risperdal today! I know it's been helping but the stuff is poison. I can't wait to be back on the Latuda. And I'm not going to the hospital. I'm going to stay home with my dog in my new studio with my new TV hookup in my room (they are coming over Sunday between 10-12), sleep in my bed, smoke my cigarettes, wear whatever clothes I want to, and use pens!!! And the coolest part is that Doc had already agreed to replace my stolen collection of Crayola markers. So, I'll be spending the weekend in the studio, and my room, working and relaxing and playing in my Doctor Who coloring book that I got from Kelli for Xmas.

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