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Video Updates

Update: I have stopped live-posting on Facebook and Twitter. They will get auto posts from other sites only. This will be the only place that I live-update. That being said, I am keeping my youtube account/channel incredibly active, updating with several short videos a day. I will post the links to those videos so you don't have to subscribe to the channel. I don't want any more subscribers, or "friends" or "followers", except here. This is the ONLY safe space on the web, and you people are the only ones on the internet who care, and actually read and understand me.

I don't know if I will change my mind on shutting down my websites. There has to be a list made of pros and cons. I want to shut them down because I don't want to share my content with people who ignore it, or disregard it, or aren't capable of appreciating it. But, as Doc has so wisely pointed out, I started the site as a forum to freely express myself, and giving that up because I currently hate 90% of humans, is not necessarily the best idea. So there are things to be considered before final decisions are made. I have two months of credit with my webhost. So I have some time to decide whether I'm going to keep the domains or not. No one even goes to fabulous D, so no one would really miss it. Zenweb, I'm more inclined to keep because it is my permanent email, and I would have to change it on so many sites, it may not be worth it. If I give up FD, I will start new domains,, and start over again. In the meantime I am keeping Patreon Active, and seriously considering going through with the kickstarter for Punk Rat Life. It will take a few months to get going, so if I have to take a hospital vaca, it won't interrupt the project.

Here are today's videos, so far:

Thank you, wastedeductaion, and beezuschrist. You stepped in and helped me get through the night. Doc had to fight to leave, and his supervisor is spending the morning in HR for violating FMLA laws. He has taken his weird vendetta against Doc a step too far this time, and unfortunately, he has to pay for it. Pro tip: when your employee has FMLA, and tells you that his schizophrenic wife is in crisis and may have to be taken to the looney bin, do not deny them the opportunity to leave. Chances are, they will call your boss, and that will not reflect well on you.

I need to call my doctor and make an appointment. I got my money today. My regular phone has been turned back on, so I can get calls and texts. I will actually be looking for calls, since I love my ringtone so much. If I can't get in for more than a week, I will go into the hospital for medical stabilization and a well needed rest. I will just spend my time in there catatonic, taking my meds until they let me out. That will be the least hassle. Nothing will be expected of me and I can get some well-needed time to myself.

And I can send Kelli the check for her poison money today and she can untwist her panties. I do hope she sees it in her heart to contact me. I really want to tell her to her face to go fuck herself. She hasn't posted in FB since our "breakup", and frankly, I was worried about her. Even considered having Doc call her to make sure she is all right. But, relief, she started posting again last night and she is fine. I guess she was just waiting for my public breakdown, since she started posting again, right after I had said public meltdown. Cunt. 30 years I spend with that heartless, apathetic, people-hating, life-hating, do nothing to make things better for yourself, absolute bitchcake. Over the last month of silence from her, I was actually considering trying to make an apology to her, even though I have nothing at all to apologize about. Noiw, I hope her live is still the miserable stinking pile of shit that she created for herself. And I hope she wallows in it and gets the filth of it all over her.

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