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Cydniey Loses Her Shit

When I #posted this last night, I had no idea what I was doing. I have never witnessed one of my #meltdowns before. I watched it just now . . . wow. I am a fucking mess. No matter what doubts I ever had about "really being #sick", they are gone, now. I've #witnessed it. It's #hard to watch, and not just because it is dim and sideways. I #cried watching it. I wanted to reach out and #hug that me. This is the single most important video I've ever made. It gives me, finally, some #insight into what happens when the switch goes off, because I don't remember it after. If you care to raise awareness about #MentalIllness, feel free to pass it along. Maybe if people saw, more people would #understand that being #crazy is not being #dangerous, and when the events are broken down like this, #schizophrenia is much easier to #digest and understand.

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