Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

Dear Diary, Birthday Week

Dear Diary,

Just knock me out with something heavy and wake me up Sunday when it’s over. I’m keeping myself busy, but it’s just not helping.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to talk to Moon about it, but cancel Thursday night’s plans.  It’s going to be a rough, lonely, empty day, I’m not really sure I want to spend it with a new person. Doc has promised me that there will be cake to bury my face in. Whatever. I’ve heard that before.

I think he’s still hoping to get me the Wacom tablet before the month is out, he insisted we continue to celebrate until he could make it right. Which, I really need that tablet to get the PRH logos done, to get the business cards and stickers and labels done (and the “Agents of Mewossad” and “Clotty” promotional/sales material). So I’m really not going to argue with him over this. If he can swing it, I need it. And if he can find me some beat up barbie dolls in the meantime, that would be great, too.

Do you know anyone with old barbie dolls which are pretty much worthless, scratched face, hopelessly tangled hair, but whole? Do they want to rid themselves of them, but resist throwing them away? They can donate them to an art project for charity. Seriously, I need light skinned, full-limbed barbie dolls. I know I’m going to have to buy some eventually to finish the complete run, but to start, I’m going to beg and search and rummage to find them. I know almost everyone has one of these things laying around somewhere, gnawing at the back of their mind. I have a use for them, and they will go to a good cause.

I need to post that on facebook, though most of the people I know have boys, not girls, and don’t have a lot of disrespected barbies around.

I keep promising myself that I will stop posting products once I reach 100 (that doesn’t include multiples sold in one posting) posting. But I am up to 74. I have 7 necklaces to finish tomorrow, 6 bracelets, and 18 CD Mix Kits.  And that is just what is lined up and ready, it doesn’t exhaust my current supplies, which I would really like to do. I don’t mind having to save up and restock. I’d just like to use what I have been looking at for a long time. Get some new stuff to be inspired by.

It will be so nice to get all of the stuff off of the living room floor (beading, smash books, CD kits) and studio tables (clay, paint), and into inventory storage. With each thing I cross of my list, I add two more, but I have hope now. Most of the stuff I am adding to my list right now uses pedestrian supplies and equipment, no expensive specialty stuff. So a lot of stuff, I have on hand, and, lacking on ingredient (say, a barbie doll, or a container to plant a dead stick in), could complete right now with what I have on hand and not spend any more money.

That means, if I can keep up this constant posting on social media, and trying to get people to share some type of content that leads back to my site which leads to my shop, I can start supporting myself, and allow my $13 a month from Patreon to go right to supporting my art. That is a huge thing, if not a huge sum of money. The symbolism of that is gargantuan. I have my ducks in a row, finally, all I need is the exposure, which I am working on with these articles and constant posting of different random shit on Instagram, that I then hashtag the shit out of to draw people to the posts. I don’t know what else to do. Matt said to join Medium, but I don’t know if I have another essay a week in me, and the time to read more and follow more than I already am. I’m all about social media and connecting, but having looked a lot around Medium, it’s a time investment. It’s a thought provoker. It is for the Artiste Elite who has the time to write just one more article for free, or read essays of other random deep thinkers. I would love to be that. But I don’t even have time to read “Brain Pickings” most days, and I love their posts on FaceBook. Deep thinking. I just don’t have time to be deep every day.

I’m still open to suggestions. I haven’t made a firm decision on Medium, yet. I may find someone on there who inspires me to write that one more essay a week. I thought it would be impossible to come up with a photo a day, but no, it isn’t. So, who knows what I’m capable of if I push myself? And it could be the one connection I’m missing in my life.


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