Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

Dear Diary, So One Bad Thing Had to Happen

Dear Diary,

Okay, couldn’t get through a Friday the 13th completely unscathed. I get that, Universe, you have fun imposing our superstitions on us for kicks. I would, too, were I the universe. I would fuck with some shit. Petty shit.

Doc and I had a fight about Moon. It was bound to happen. We hadn’t talked about the eventuality of me actually meeting someone. I didn’t think it would happen, not really. And definitely not so soon. But the connection. It is so there. She is a Fairy Gril, would wear crinoline skirts and corsets every day if she could. That’s a quote. I love me a Fairy Girl. I could love me another. But I have to get to know her. And to get to know her, I have to know her.

And my birthday next week seems a perfect time for it. Doc will be at work (a word on that in a moment), and I have no plans. She suggested activities and pizza, I countered with burritos, since I can’t eat pizza, and a plan was made. But activities require a place to be with a TV and comfort and quiet and peace. I used to do them driving around the streets, but that isn’t safe, I don’t do that anymore. So the logical choice is to come here, as she is getting on her feet and living with her parents right now.

That’s where the word about Doc comes in. He has never, knowingly, met a trans person before. Let alone hosted one in his house. He’s not a marginalizing sort of person, he had a whole flock of lesbian friends when I met him (that all hated me for some reason). He just doesn’t know how he is going to react. And in case, in the smallest event that the reaction is bad, he just doesn’t want to deal with that or the backlash. Complete avoidance. I don’t agree with it, but I understand it. If things get serious with Moon and I, it won’t last. But I get it and I will respect it.

The argument came in when he decided I couldn’t have Moon over when he wasn’t home. And I couldn’t take a bus alone to meet Moon somewhere. And I couldn’t have Moon pick me up (and know where I live). And I couldn’t be with him for any of these things. So that left me in an impossible position. And I rebelled. Really loudly.

I finally asked him how I knew less about Moon than I knew about any of the three girlfriends I had had, two of whom I met at a cafe, one of whom I met online. He acknowledged that point as good, since he ended up spending a lot of time with two of those women. And I’m not asking him to spend time with Moon, or even be in the house at the same time as Moon, just let her come over when he is at work and eat some burritos and smoke me out for my birthday.

By the time his Uber came to get him for work, he had nearly acquiesced. I am pretty sure that by my birthday he will give in. I just have to figure out how much of this to tell Moon and how to tell her so that Doc doesn’t sound like he is completely apeshit and scare her back to New York.

Okay, I have ten necklaces in progress, one necklace/earring set and one bracelet. I just did the advertising for the sale. I will advertise a new item later when they are up. I have an hour to finish something and get a picture/listing up before I lose the light. No problem. I got this. Not bad for getting a late start to the day. AWESOME519 – that’s AWESOME – five – one – nine, I realize the text is hard to read.


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