Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

Dear Diary, A Damn Good Day

Dear Diary,

Yes, it has been a good day. A productive day. I got one thing finished that has been in process for over ten years and listed in the shop. Three things done that I just got and listed on the shop. And five other things finally completed and ready to be photographed and ready to go up on the shop tomorrow. Something has got to sell soon. Once I get to 100 items, I will stop for a while. I’m at 63. I also got some replacement photographs taken and posted on the shop, to make the items look better. And I did a bunch of advertising of items and the shop itself. Every social media account cross posts to every other one. So I get as much exposure as humanly/digitally possible. I also make esoteric posts throughout the day with pictures of what I am doing/eating/playing with, so that my accounts aren’t all advertising and boring stupid stuff.

I think I’m keeping a good balance. Let’s see how much longer I can keep this up. Having the phone makes so much more of this so much easier. I can’t even believe it. It’s completely unreal. I waited just long enough. I actually need the thing now to do what I need to do. It’s not just a toy.

Speaking of things I need, it’s time to finally get business cards. Since I’m going to be sending out my art, it would behoove me to add business cards in the packages with the receipts and a hand-written note of thanks. So it’s time to start designing it. I’ll use my old phone number on it. And my email. And the tagline is going yo be my go-to one: “Artist, Writer, Lunatic” because I think that completely sums me up professionally and personally. It conveys everything I want a client or employer to know about me from the start. And it gets one’s attention and makes me hard to forget because of the honesty. There will be some it scares off, but I don’t want to and likely couldn’t work with those people, anyway.

The charms I fixed with glitter for the bracelets and necklaces I made tonight turned out really nice. I am very surprised. I was sure, even after the glitter was tried, that I would have to throw them away. But no, now I can sell them, and charge a teensie bit more than I was originally going to as just plain moulded clay. Color me happy. That would be the color of candy apple red micro-glitter. And the way I constructed the bracelets was really kind of imaginative, if I do say so. And I do. I don’t know where, or if I saw the idea somewhere, or if I just came up with it on my own. I think I came up with it, after the design of the necklaces I’m working on. They are still in process because I can’t decide which kind of cord to use on them, leather or satin. each have their drawbacks and advantages.

The gossip thing I was waiting for the other day? Let me just pause to say, karma is real. For once in my life, I get to see that karma is real. The shit you throw out into the universe does actually come back at you. So, be careful what you throw out there.

I’ve changed my mind on the CD Mix Kits again. I’m not going to fully decorate the covers. I’m going to give them decorative paper covers to distinguish them, but leave them plain enough to be decorated further by the buyer. There. Problem solved. And I can, if I want to, order blank labels for the inside cover for writing songs on. I found a pack that I can print lines on for cheap. Way to go. We can afford $10 this week. So I can get them up on the shop next week. Sounds about right. I painted another 8 of them today, and will need to find paper for them. And then get them all lined, and the fabric I have, with the dull scissors I have, has proven to be a real challenge. I will have to cut each liner out individually. Ugh.

Then I can concentrate on the rest of the tins and the finishing of the debating necklaces. I think I’m going to decide on leather for them, and just figure out a way to straighten out the coils. I may as well use the leather, and it is the one cord I have that is thin enough to accept the beads I want to use, and still make the impact I am looking for. It’s just those coils. What if I get it wet, and hang it with weight? I can do that. It’s only a millimeter thick, so it isn’t the sturdiest stuff. Most of the advice I read is to run the edges of a bead against it until it softens, but I fear that will tear through it pretty quickly, or weaken it so it breaks once the person gets the piece. That would not be good at all. I’ll try the wetness thing tomorrow. Hot water soak in the bathtub and hanging on lightly weighted hangers. That should straighten it out.

I am allergic to my own sweat. I forgot to put deodorant on yesterday, and sweat like an animal in the kitchen last night, and have horrible rashes in my arm pits today. I am allergic to myself. Excuse my while I take some Benadryl.

What am I going to post at Master Stories first? “Haven” video? Maybe. That is a good introduction to my openness. Then I can write a story about my childhood. I’ll pick something nice, but a little strange. Maybe my cowboy outfit that caused the rift between my mom and my dad’s mom. I had fun. Gramma Iona would have accepted me being “ace”, as my new friend calls me. She didn’t mind me acting like a boy and sucking my thumb when I was a kid, she wouldn’t mind it now. That takes care of tomorrow’s new social media site. I’ll have to add it to the computer, I can’t compose an actual story on the phone. I can do links, and short posts, but not actual posts. Nope, that is asking too much yet.


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