Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

Dear Diary, I Feewl Wefweshed

Dear Diary,

No, I’m not being insensitive, that’s a line from “Blazing Saddles.”

I got 6 unadulterated hours of sleep last night. Six glorious hours of dreamless (as far as I recall), sound sleep. I really needed that. The two hour bursts only do for so long. They keep me going, but leave me with a lingering feeling of exhaustion that I just can’t shake and that leaves me constantly questioning if I am about to “hit the wall.” I desperately needed sleep.

Now, maybe I can seriously get back to work, not just the pissing around that I did yesterday, never really committing to a project, just doing little things here and there.

The traffic in in the PRH shop has skyrocketed, they were right, fill up the store. People are just looking at the jewelry right now, no bites on the upcycled stuff, but it will happen. I just started plugging that stuff on Instagram. And I’m not just advertising on Instagram, I’m posting pictures of other stuff, and selfies, and things, as well. I’m trying to make an all around interesting account, that just happens to advertise, not an advertising account that happens to be interesting. Does that make sense?

I’m going to spend more time on Tumblr today. I get it now, it’s like a giant FB, without the family friendly/predator angles. Cool. Now that it’s on my phone, I will use it a lot more. I had a lot of fun on it last night. Finding new people to follow and laughing the people I am following. Great stuff, some real wit, and dedicated pot smokers on that site.

And I just sorted the Tumblr shit finally. got rid of the spare account, and changed the name of the main account to the proper name – “cydniey.” I feel better now. I think all of my social media is completely sorted out, and what is important is loaded on my phone. My email is set up and synced and cleaned out. I have my alerts set up so I know what is telling me what when, so I don’t get stressed out at the noise. The ring tone is some “Shaft” theme-inspired ditty, so that just makes me happy when Doc or Kelli call. I feel . . . modern. And I learned how to play the piano enough yesterday to write a song. So that’s pretty damn cool.

I have a rash of Russian spammers registering for my Member’s area on my site today. It’s amusing, they are even bothering to fill out the “biographical information” section of the application. It’s pretty fun to read what they write about university and studying Russian, mostly they tell me they are from the UK, and give me London addresses, which I’m sure aren’t real. I have to admit, I like the attention, even from spammers.

That song I mentioned, I sent it off to Matthew Wayne Selznick, a talented musician and author and songwriter that is also an old friend. He has agreed, as a birthday wish, to help me suss out the tune of the song, and try to perform it and record it so I can hear it out loud. I’ve offered it to him for use in his own collection if he likes it. I won’t use it. And I’d like it to be used, if it can be. But just to hear it performed, once, would be fantastic. I hope he can make some kind of sense of the notes I sent him and the recording of my singing it. That was a hard thing to make and a harder thing to send out to the cosmos. But I did it, because I want this so badly.

Attention TC/Tech Patron/wastededucation: the amazon packages you sent me last October (this is good), were sent to my old apartment from 5 years ago. Amazon, not me, fucked this up. They are sending me two of them to replace the items, they will not say which. Doc is going down to the apartments to see, if by any chance, they still have the packages sitting around (because they aren’t really attentive to that shit) and will try to get them back. Whatever I don’t get, I will let you know, I guess through here, so you can try to get a refund, or something. I know it’s really late in the game, but you wouldn’t speak up! If I get doubles of some items, if it is okay with you, I will give them to families I know who don’t have as much as I do. I will NOT, under any circumstances, sell anything you or anyone ever gives me. I think you know that. Thank you for sending me stuff. That was really nice, again. You devil, you.

That being said, it is safe to order me things from my wishlist again, and my birthday is in 9 days. I have merged my two wishlists, so there are ALL kinds of things to order, from the useful to the educational to the utilitarian to the artistic to the playful, cheap to expensive. Food to toys. And I want all of it. Any of it. Doesn’t matter. So here’s the link: Seriously, the pyramid clock? Really need one of those, or two. They’re under $4. Or the phone case, that is a desperate need. And the one on the list is specifically built for my model phone. So.

It’s going to be warm today. But not as warm as Friday. 98 on Friday. Wow. I may break out a mini-skirt. Or just wash my boxer briefs and go without pants all together. That sounds logical. I plan on spending my summer that way. I’m going to get more boxer briefs. This time, put my name in the band when I get them. Doc wears the same size and color. Very frustrating. It’s already in the mid-70’s. I’ve been out since I woke up at 7am. I can’t seem to stay inside. It’s too nice. After such a rainy weekend (we are up in rain by an inch for the year so far!), it is so nice to have the sun out and bright. And the humidity is just up enough to keep the allergies low, so I can have the windows open for now. By the time Doc leaves for work, it will be time to seal up the house and turn on the a/c, but for now, it’s oodles of fresh air.

“Oodles”, I don’t use that word enough. One of the few silly words I don’t use enough. I’ll have to find a way to incorporate it into my descriptions on Etsy. I find, if your description keeps people engaged, the quality of the photo doesn’t have to be top notch, which is good, because I am still working on replacing the photos.

My phone makes a doorbell sound when I get email from one of my accounts. I can’t figure out how to change the text tone, though. The other email account makes a bike bell noise. I wish I could get the “wah-wah” guitar sound of my ringtone for all the sounds, that would be cool. I also have to see about making custom ring tones, like out of audio files. I would like Jayne from “Firefly” to say something when Doc calls. Like “Nice going, dumbasss.” That would be a perfect way of announcing that Doc was calling. And maybe the chorus of “Rebel Rebel” for Kelli’s ringtone. Or “Rebel Girl”, that would be better.

Would someone please tell me where to put the punctuation when dealing with quotation marks? The style guide has just proved to confuse me more. The last paragraph should prove I have no fucking idea what I am doing. My grammar is my pride, except when it comes to this, I am shit at quotation marks. Never perfected it. That’s why I tend not to write dialogue. That is the only reason I tend not to write dialogue, because other than that, I think I would write good dialogue. I could write whole stories of it. If I just knew how to write it.

Wow, this got long, I guess I’ve been writing for two hours now. Time to go plug the shop and make some social posts. I’m feeling some digital art coming on, maybe I’ll surf through archives to see if I trip over something to play with. It’s time for a Patreon treat, and I don’t have anything on tap to record. If Matt lets me, maybe I will put his recording of my song on my Patreon, I’ll let him do the same. That would be a nice collaborative thing we could cross-promote with each other. Okay. done now.



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