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Dear Diary, About that Weekend

Dear Diary,

gp_neck_cGood Lord, is it dreary outside! I don’t think it’s rained yet, but it just looks . . . Pittsburgh Sunday Grey. That’s the only term that fits. The grey that descends on Pittsburgh 50 of the 52 Sundays a year. That grey. Just enough light to take pictures with.

And, a good thing, that. I was in the studio on a supply run, and messing with a small rack that Doc finally gave me when I found a candy box and had enough curiosity to finally look inside. What I found was a box full of pieces of finished jewelry that I had made, all packaged up in small bags. Earrings, bracelets, necklaces, everything. I couldn’t believe it. So, I have a whole lot of stuff to add to the Etsy store today. I am gobsmacked. I don’t remember making any of this stuff.

We got over our whatever-it-was yesterday. He was sad about something. I told him that I understood that, but shooting your only ally was a bit stupid. And I wasn’t trying to be harsh with him. So, things are okay. I’m a bit bent that he slept out here last night after his endless promises last week to help me keep my stress down, but I’ll get over it. It’s kind of cathartic learning to type slowly and rhythmically.neck_c

I do wish he’d wake up, though. It seems like everything I want to do this morning makes some sort of noise, or happens right by his head (like the “stage” for the photos). Even glittering, which I had to put off last night because of noise, is being noised-out again. Yes, glitter can be noisy. There is a piece of paper involved. Any time there is paper involved, it is noisy.

The photos are of some of the older pieces that I added yesterday to the shop. Most of them were gay pride necklaces, designed for women. And then a couple of my usual boho style pieces. I keep forgetting to add that at the bottom of my listings, under “Style”. I keep forgetting it is there. Lucky they make it easy to go back in and edit things. I have to change a couple of titles/pictures/prices today to make things more coherent, and maybe solidify a sale or two. Etsy offers a way to offer discount codes, so I think, once I make my fifth sale, I will offer a discount to my Patreon subscribers (and international shipping). Then there will be a cross-over.

neck_dI know the missing logo at the Etsy shop is glaring. But I really want to wait until I get my tablet and hand draw it. I know exactly what I want, and which of my hand writings I’m going to use. It’s only going to be a few weeks, I don’t want to put some crappy temporary one up in the meantime. I’m also going to be drawing “Clotty”, the menstrual mascot bug, and putting him on merchandise.

That’s what PRH, here at the site, will start as. A page of pictures and links to other sites with merchandise, like Etsy, and then, I think CafePress, or Zuzu, whichever I choose to do the merchandising. My books, that kind of thing. Over time it will morph into a proper shop, as I build up the traffic here to support it. Right now, to open a shop on this site would be economic suicide.

I was just having a smoke and I remembered I have a 25 lb. box of red clay in my bedroom. I need to do something with that. Umm . . . pendants! Textured and glossed pendants. And beads. Enough beads for a garland for one of the sticks. That will be cool. One of those little hand done touches that just the artist knows about. I love those.set_a2

I decided not to put a wrap over Pop Lizard Jesus’ junk, I’m going to use a red, mirrored square of glass, instead. I figure, why not go completely off book? The crown of thorns will be made of beads. So. Pop Lizard God will sort of be wearing a toga, I want to give the impression of a robe, without actually covering his belly, because it is turquoise. He might get the “mirror over the junk” treatment, too. I have to decide if I am going to make “cherubs” out of the dead baby lizards I have, or if that would make things too cluttered, I may save them for a celestial themed stick. later on. Then I can give myself time to find or make them the proper wings. I would prefer dragonfly wings for them, since they are skinny and reptiles.

Wow, I’m actually talking about Pop Lizard Trinity. I must really be coming up on ready to do it. I can feel it. It’s almost here. I have to get the plaster for the stick’s base, and find a pot around here. I think we have some white grecian urn looking things that would work. Wide, open mouths for a base of operations around the stick, I could make a story.

Doc brought me three smooth, medium sized river rocks. I love these rocks. But I can only have these rocks on the condition that I do not deface these rocks. That means no metallic paint markers (he referred to my intricate designs last night as “graffiti”), no clay enclosures, no decoupage, I may only leave the rocks in their natural state.

Don’t get me wrong. I love rocks in their natural state, when they are rough and cracked and show some life. I have shelves of rocks I have collected. There is a story behind each one, and if I don’t remember, I will make a good one up. I display them, and look at them and love them in their natural state. They are beautiful, they tell a story or twelve.

But give me a big, round, smooth rock of a single hue, and I just want to fuck with it. I want to enhance it, add to it, adorn it. And Doc is having none of it. So now I have to find a place for these three rocks to live. I guess in front of the Japanese lamp on the stack o’ electronics. That will be a nice, organic spot for them. That has turned into quite the little Asian corner. I should take down the Picasso and put the bamboo painting up there and move the Colombian weaving. Stick stands in the middle, Switzerland.


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