Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

Dear Diary, Be Quiet!

Dear Diary,

I must try not to type fast. Doc has decided to sleep in here, after all, so I must be silent. No, no, no, of course I’m not going to smother him with his pillow in his sleep. Taking his pillow would wake him up.

Most of the bag of dyed shell focals that I found were junk. Badly drilled holes, no holes (I will break out the Dremmel and try to fix a couple), I only paid a buck for the bag, so what I did manage to get out of it I’m pretty happy with. More than enough to make my money back. And one piece to practice a wire wrapping technique on in a small scale, and it worked out pretty nicely. I’ll be using it.

I got the spring/summer Fire Mountain Gems (my jewelry supplier) catalog yesterday. I looked through it and put it in the recycling. It’s a dangerous thing to have around. Bad enough to have a wishlist on the site. The have a whole section devoted to polymer clays now. There are five major brands, plus metal art clays, which require butane torches to cure, so I haven’t ventured into them yet, but I SO want to. They also have a new series of wire working tools. A really quality set of pliers/cutters, finally.

There wasn’t much in the sale section. I’ve pretty much culled the best stuff from their clearance racks over the past 6 years. They seem to be recycling the same old stuff now, with very few new additions. I can wait. I am still wading through my inventory. I keep thinking the small pile of supplies I have brought in from the studio and am working with will deplete with time as the box of finished items fills up. But it doesn’t seem to be. I’m running out of this and that, here and there, but the overall amount of stuff is just as huge. And I’ve even whittled it down some and taken some stuff back out to the studio that I don’t intend to use during this particular burst of inspiration.

I hope the jewelry starts to sell, because when I am done here, I will be out of basic things. Beading wire, wrapping wire, crimp beads, charms (all charms), black beads, silver spacer beads (all silver spacer beads), and a couple of other basic little things that I keep on hand. Oh, ear wires. I found three more pair today, but I will use those tomorrow. About $100 of basics. And that doesn’t even begin to touch the stuff on my wishlist meant for projects already designed and ready to be created. Insane. I can design it. I can make it. Can I sell it?

It’s time to find a new, lighter backdrop for the chair/stage I’m taking my photos on and break out the vinyl record stuff I made and the bowls I made and get those up and listed and for sale since I have the shop up and everything. I’ll have to do some research tomorrow and check out competing prices, and then I’ll be set. I have some fabric, I just need to iron it. Duct tape will hang it. It’s cream satin, it will look good on camera.

I think the sun will be out tomorrow, so I can finally finish the third phase of spray painting the CD tins. Once that is done, I can start the fun part, decorating them with all manner of things I have collected over the years and making them really special and cool and collectible. I may even sign the inside covers and number them and sell them as art pieces, because I have reconsidered just covering them with clay and decided to make crazy collages out of them. Yes, definitely art pieces. That can be personalized and traded with friends, perfect. Why didn’t I think of this before? This is a brilliant idea! It just had to percolate. It started with a good idea and just slowly evolved into this.

Just like “Pop Lizard Jesus”, the stick project, has turned into “Pop Lizard Trinity”. the stick project. I found the stick last night, as I was looking through them. One lizard, the plain, emaciated one, will be Jesus; the pretty one will be God; and the other one will have a shroud over it with a paper halo and be the Holy Ghost. They will all hang in the stick, though the ghost might hang from the stick. Maybe not, he may just be at the top, facing the back, or at the very bottom, facing the back. But definitely facing the back. I don’t know why, but I feel that is important. Someone tell the critics that when I’m dead, I didn’t know why.



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