Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

Dear Diary, And Then There Were Seven

Dear Diary,

I fear I’ve lost my Babycakes. Felix went out at the beginning of the week, and hasn’t been back since. He always comes back every day to eat and get love. Always.  I’m just sort of numb. I know I should take the dog and a plastic bag around the neighborhood and look for his body, but I can’t bring myself to. I was actually praying that he would be at the window when I got up this morning, and I just started to cry when he wasn’t. I went out and called him, climbed the wall and looked in the wall-less tree house in case he got sick and ended up in there during the bad storms, but nothing. That’s the other thing. It’s been really bad, weather wise the last few days, the rest of the cats, like Vader, ever the wanderer, have stayed home. Usually Felix does, too. He despises rain and hates wind. Humidity makes him grumpy. So he just stays in and cuddles when the storms come in the spring. But he didn’t. He’s been out in it all week long. Six days now. My Babycakes is gone.

So there’s that.

And I’d almost had enough of the OKCupid thing. The creeps were really getting to me. Then I took a different tack. I started approaching people. Explaining I was looking for a non-sexual friendship, and if they were interested, to please get back to me. I have met some very cool people this way over the last 18 hours, so far. I am now very happy with my experience. I think things are going to go much more smoothly from here on out.

Doc has completely retreated inside of himself. I’ve just kind of let it happen. This is the first full week he has worked this year, so, he deserves a break, and if this is how he is taking it, okay.

I used my rat-supply money to borrow against to get us out of this financial hole he got us into. So, no rats. He’s mad at me about borrowing the money, but happy to have the money and really happy about the no rats thing. He doesn’t even care that I am completely devastated, as I have been waiting 16 years to replace the rats I left behind in PA.

So we are down to seven cats. Doc will be ecstatic. The lower the number gets, the happier he is. And Felix ate a lot, so that will be a load off Doc’s mind. And Felix never liked Doc, so he won’t be missed on that side of the family.

Maybe I will go around the couch, and he will be at the door. Maybe if I wish hard enough. Maybe someone was keeping him inside for the storms and he will be let out now that it is sunny and warm.


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