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The poem isn't groundbreaking, but the video is. You'll notice it is me, unedited, no censor bar over the mouth. TBH, I got chills when I watched it, and watched the grimace on my mouth contort with emotion, so I left it as is. I will likely do an over-produced video for it, for Patreon, but this is the version that will ultimately matter most to me.


The Elephant Ears blow in a warm breeze contained in the high brick courtyard filled with sun and the shade of ancient oaks. A small, delicate wrought iron table is set in the center with chairs. I lead you to them and pour you a hot cafe au lait.

Put the cigarette down now.

No, don't put it out on your arm.

Its okay to cry now.

I promise you, it's safe to feel here.

Don't look at the blade like that.

It's not your enemy anymore.

The fight's been fought.

I tell you that it's safe to feel here.

You don't need to bleed

to let go of the pounds of pain.

Let me show you how I did it.

I promise you, it's safe to feel here.

I know you think the blood will

make you feel something tangible.

What I want to help you see is that

you are a whole big bundle of feelings.

They just haven't had a place to be.

But I promise you, it's safe to feel here.

It's okay to let feelings cascade over you.

It's safe to laugh,

safe to cry,

safe to scream,

safe to burst.

Just not to die,

not to bleed,

not to hurt,

not to scar.

I promise you, it's safe to feel here.

If you want, I will get you an

ice pack to wrap around

your aching head now.

And if you still want to

hold that ice to your skin

until it burns, I understand.

I promise you, it's safe to feel here.

I know the pain you feel inside

seems to have no other way out

than if you cut-slash-burn.

But, I know.

And I know you have more in you than pain.

A reserve of strength, like, wow.

Underneath all the ugly.

Behind that pile of bloody bandages,

there is a power in you that

will let you relax, let it all out

in a way that doesn't hurt more.

Because I promise you, it's safe to feel here.
Tags: feelings, lyrics, poetry, safety, self harm, self injury, strength, video

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