Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

Dear Diary, Better and Better

I think I am becoming a contributor to The Mighty. They have given me a password to a portal where I can just post my articles. I haven’t been able to access it yet, to see what the whole procedure is, but this is really exciting. I know there are those that would insist that I not write for free, but those are the same people who could have given me a job, paying me to write. So, fuck them. I’ll do it my own way.

I want to submit my poem, “Haven” to them. But they don’t do poetry, and I don’t know if they would make an exception. I have to check first to see if they have a section on self-harm. If not, I will find someone who does, and submit it there. I’m all about spreading my writing around.

I’ve even been outlining a book. Instead of a straight, timeline-oriented autobiography, I’m just going to put anecdotes and stories together. And include my articles. I have 8 chapters outlined and full of notes. Plus the two stories, and a couple of choice poems. I have no idea on the title. I may have a contest to come up with one, so start thinking now. I’m open to anything, puns, pop-culture references, satire, crass . . . anything you can think of. I’m taking all suggestions and if I pick someone’s they will win a cool thing that I made, or two.

I’m also still looking for an inexpensive place to get photo books put together. I have several of those I want to publish. But the lowest I’ve found is $15 for 20 pages, or about 80 stacked photos. If I want to put captions and such in, it costs much more. I wish I could put some things together in InDesign and have Kelli smuggle them through her work. Which reminds me, I need logos. I had asked Kelli to do it, because I love her graphic design mind, but she won’t have the tools to do it until she comes out here and brings her laptop so I can install the programs for her. Maybe I should try Fiver. There’s got to be someone who does simple three letter, one graphic logos on there.

I think it has been established that I love the movie “Guardians of the Galaxy”. Groot and Rocket are my favorite creatures ever. I have seen the movie over a hundred times. It’s the ONLY comic book movie of the “new era” of comic book movies that I like. But until Sunday, I had only ever seen it on a TV that was way too dark and didn’t register greens properly and didn’t register purples at all. Now that I have seen it in all of its bright and colorful glory, I love it ten times more. In fact, I have it on again. Oh my! It is so much better when you can see the details! And I thought Zoe Saldana was a really bad snot green, and she isn’t, she is a very nice green. And the tips of her hair are burgundy, didn’t know that before the new TV.

Okay, I’m going to write to the editors at The Mighty and ask about that poem. They have so few articles at all in the self harm category, maybe they will put it up temporarily. I don’t know. I could use some opinions on it.  Especially from anyone familiar with self harm. Be it yourself, or a friend, or whatever. I don’t need to know the connection, if you aren’t safe telling me, I would just really like some feedback on this one, so I’m asking straight out. You can leave a message here or at Patreon, if you have thoughts you’d like to share. I would really appreciate it, and you guys have always come through for me.


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