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Dear Diary, Rats!

Dear Diary,

I did the math on the desert tortoise. And then, out of curiosity, I did the math on rats (including the whole set-up, we gave it all away when we left PA 16 years ago), and the rats would cost half as much as the tortoise, plus we wouldn’t have to have home inspections and give them up when we move from here, like we would a tortoise. So, Idear diary have asked Doc if I can have rats. 2. To keep each other company, they are so social, it’s almost cruel to keep just one. Same sex pairs. 2 females. The testes on the males creep me out. There is a place a bus ride away that is said to be the only pet store in this town without any ratteries that takes care of and socializes their animals. And I can get younguns. I don’t want adults, I want critters I can train.

So, that’s my thing, now. Rats. I might even be able to get a Rex or a Hairless. They do carry them. I just have to wait until I can get the cage and everything. I have most of what I need to start on a wishlist, the rest on my wishlist. I can get it all for under $200, plus the cost of the rats. That’s bedding, treats, toys, a hammock/tube thing that hangs from the ceiling, water bottle, bowl, food, and Rat Manor, the ultimate table top cage/habitat, harnesses, rolly balls and a dish for fresh food. And I know right where the cage is going to go. In between the shrine and the TV. I can move all of the stereo components that we don’t use anymore, and there will be just enough room for the cage. And it’s an easy place to clean up rat litter. And the cats can’t get up there, there is no room. I have thought this through, I tell you what.

dear diaryI made new Patreon posts today while taking a break from gallery making. One open, one closed. I did a bit of digital art, so I thought I would share it with my Patrons. Then I posted links all over. Like here: Cydniey’s Patreon Page. The open post is a poem I wrote the other night and an old picture of me looking all hardcore.Packages for upper tier patrons are coming very soon. They were supposed to be there for Xmas. That didn’t quite work, I got another idea for a thing for them, so I had to design and make it through trial and error, and there was a lot of error. So I haven’t forgotten my Patrons, at all. I’m working on it!

Okay, I didn’t get the pictures done today. But I ended the listings of all of my jewelry on ebay. So, they are all ready to go. Tomorrow is going to be sunny and not windy, so I will finish spray painting tomorrow. I ordered a couple of clay canes for the CD mix kits. I have to go to the dollar store with Doc to look for things for my Smash Book kits. The newest batch of necklaces is almost complete. I just have to sit down and add findings. Does anyone know how to soften thin leather cord? All of the suggestions on the web have not helped me. I really need to use leather cord for an upcoming line. The  beads I have fit the 1mm leather, but not the 1mm satin cord. I have the cord to work with. I wonder if soaking itdear diary in hot water will help. I’ll try that with a couple of pieces I have that are too coiled to do anything with. Maybe salt water.

I am so over politics. I’ve just had enough. I don’t like anyone. I will vote. But I’m not following it anymore. I just . . . can’t. The stupidity and sophomorishness is too much for me.

My plant clones came up 100%. I didn’t lose one. Not even the one I cut too soon by mistake. It is going strong. I cloned more tonight and am moving the plants that have been “clipped” into bloom tomorrow before it starts to get really warm. The clones need a couple more weeks before they are transplanted. Then they can veg until the other bloom is done and get cloned and go straight into bloom. I’m all about keeping the supply chain running so we don’t have to buy any flowers. So, I’m pretty proud of myself. Doc is amazed. The plants are healthy and thriving, especially the clones. We finally got the nutrient mix right.

I’ve been thinking a lot about Amanda Palmer’s “Art of Asking”, lately. It is a fabulous, riveting story of her life. And for that, it deserves a read. But as for the advice, I don’t know. It hasn’t done me any good. Doc says that I “make things weird”, and maybe my sincerity has been in my way, and what has gotten me ignored by EVERYONE I’ve “asked” about sometime. Requiring nothing on their part, or very, very little. Just acknowledgement. I didn’t even get any “no”s. I’ve been put off by a couple of people, to no end. And just ignored by the rest. And at first I was mad dear diaryat Pakmer. But now I’m mad at myself for falling for a self-help type thing. For actually being that gullible. I should have just read the autobiography parts and ignored the rest. It would have saved me certain embarrassment.

Doc and I have found peace. We are letting each other critique each other without taking things personally or getting defensive about it. As a result, we are talking out old, old issues that have been festering, and settling them. And we laugh a whole lot more.

There are certain things I have to overcome. I get triggered really easily, and I have to learn how to cope with that. I also get defensive before I think about how I am reacting, so I have to be more mindful of that, and I have been. And it has made an incredible difference. I also need to keep in mind that Doc tried for years to treat me “normally”, and it didn’t work, so he has been trained to treat me “special”, and now that I am on my new meds, I hate that with a white hot rage. So he has adjusting to do. And I have changes to make. But we can work through this together. And I have discovered that when we are getting along, we do nice little things for each other. I get him coffee and jump up and down running around the house for things for him, and he cleans out and sets up the coffee machine, and throws things away instead of leaving them out because they are “mine”.

I’m getting a new phone. They are shutting off 2G service in this area, and I have a 2G phone. Turns out they make dear diary3G phones in the same crappy model with just the number pad for texting. I was so hoping for a keypad. The new one should be here in a few days. Doc can’t get texts through to me right now, so I’m kind of anxious for the phone. I can still text him, though. And he can email and call me.

I have just discovered the joy of watching my video collection on the flat screen monitor while working on this screen. Firefly marathon, it is.

The pictures that will be accompanying future posts are webcam images from 99-00. All of them are soon to be featured, along with every other cam image I’ve managed to save or recover, in the Member Area for Patreon Patrons. So I will be featuring teaser images in the journal entries for a while to see if I can’t drum up interest from potential Patrons. Images help your search engine standings, as long as they have alt tags that match the keyword.

Doc called about a tore run. He doesn’t want to do one, understandable, so I guess I’m having beef stew and dumplings again for lunch tomorrow. Thank you, mom, for teaching me how to take a tin of stew and a tin of biscuits and make something awesome. She excelled at comfort food and decimated vegetables. She did do these burnt carrot sticks with pot roast that were awesome, though. Then I’m out of food. Unless we have eggs, then I can have an eggy-wegg sandwich.

Doc has promised to stop listing food we have. For reasons, it triggers me. He said he now understands the angry 13-year-old’s response to it. It’s taking him some serious effort, but he is putting the work into it. For my part, I am trying not to react emotionally to it. To stay in the here and now and just understand that he is trying to help me. My mom is not going to swoop in and demand why I am eating again.

Boomer will not eat locked in the mudroom. Boomer will not eat alone. Boomer will only eat when I sit with her. Okay. I’ve been really bad with feeding Boo and Chewy, often not remembering until late at night. I’m slowly trying to bring their feeding time back to the evening. But I want to show Doc that I can take care of who I have here, plus take on the responsibility of creatures who will require fresh food every day. They can eat damn near anything, it’s just a matter of getting it prepped and into their bowl, and then cleaning it out every day when I refill it. And I have to change the water every day, whether it needs it or not. Plus the weekly cleaning of the cage. Important to keep the pee smell down. The poop doesn’t really smell, but the pee, oh dear! And we have a washer now, so I can wash their hammocks and blankets.

Wow, 1600 words . . . time to end this. I think I have OKCupid messages to answer. That experiment is going . . . interestingly. You can tell the men who don’t read my profile and just want sex. I ignore them. The others just get weird really quickly. One woman has contacted me, I HAVE to message her back.

The link: RATS! More rats! Rat lover images!


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