Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

Dear Diary, It's Almost Finished

I cleaned off the final table. Washed it down and scraped it with a razor blade (it’s glass). All I have left to do is hang some sheets, two shelves, string lights, and hang a couple of inspiring things and a whiteboard. The whiteboard might get duct taped to the water heater. That should be fun, a curved white board. It’s actually just a big poster of Nevada on one side and blank on the other and laminated heavily on both sides. So it acts as a whiteboard with dry erase markers. I moved the larger of the two office chairs out there, so the small one can live inside.

Sometime tonight, or near dawn, I can got out and start working in earnest. I will have some packages going out next week. Long-overdue packages. I will alert the recipients to the coming packets once they are sent.

Do you know what makes me feel best about doing the studio today? Being able to reclaim and organize and stock my tool box. I know where all of my pliers are, my screwdrivers, staple gun, staples for it, hammer, vice grips, everything I need so far but an awl. Though I do have a leather hole punch in there.

I got a new idea for a thing today. It’s going to be hard to do, and it may require the purchase of a vice, but it will totally be worth it and Doc was thinking of getting a vice, anyway. Unless I can find a neighbor with a workshop they will let me use for a couple of hours. I’m hoping I can do it, it’s a great project that is truly inspired by other people, just all put together by me.

I have this dilemma, I saw this thing, this piece of jewelry, with switchable charms. Hand made, dangle charms. And apparently the shop sold the charms separately, as well as with necklaces. They used toggle clasps in an unusual way to do this and chain for the dangles. I was thinking of shaped wire for the dangle, fewer beads for less clutter, and wire wrapped findings instead of the toggle clasp. I accidentally bought some giant jump rings for 50 cents that would be perfect for it. And I wouldn’t string them on chains like the other shop did, I would put them on cords, since they need no other embellishment than the charm. So . . . my dilemma is, if I make these changes to it the design, but keep the interchangeable charm idea, am I stealing? I’m really unclear on stuff like this because I have had a lot of ideas stolen from me, and never really done anything about it if the basic concept was changed (which is, coincidentally, copyright law). All opinions are welcome. I may not answer, but I take all of your comments seriously and into consideration when making decisions, you’re like my Jiminey Crickets.

Okay, I just updated my Trello boards to reflect my new ideas and the prices I’ve come up with. I may adjust them, but I needed a baseline to start with. The Xmas shop is starting to fill with ideas. I need to start pricing out materials so I can get them gradually over the next three or four months and be ready for them when I get them. Get the Xmas project done, move back to the regular store inventory.

I am pretty sure I have a grip on how to make my camera take macro shots. I hope. I need them for the jewelry. Especially with the clay I am working with now, I blended it almost to the point of muddiness, the design is very fine and intricate, so I need close-ups to show it off. Also, I want to present at least three views of each piece I sell, one always being a detail shot of the feature of the design.



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