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Dear Diary, Guess I Should Make a Real Entry

Dear Diary,

It doesn’t look like I will be going to the store before Doc gets home, but I really don’t need to. There is nothing I really need dear Diary. And little that I want. So I bought minutes with some of my money today. Instead of 90 minutes for #25, I got 300 for $25. And my texts are now unlimited, so text away. My only limitation is my ability to hit the same key over the right number of times.

Doc’s worst days are ahead of him in the next 48 hours. His mom will be told about the plan to care for her, the service will be held, and he will continue to have to listen to what a rotten child his mother told everyone he was and how surprised people are that he’s not in jail or he came home. I feel so bad for him. It’s been two days of that already. At least his big brother is now in town, so he has someone to pal around with, and his sister will be back tomorrow to help with his mom, who is just getting meaner as time wears on and the shock wears off. She wants everyone out of her house so she can live her life. She wants the attic emptied so she doesn’t have to get someone to go up there and get stuff for her, and a bunch of other things that dad meant to do but never got a chance, and will be taken care of while they are closing up the house and preparing it for sale, but they can’t tell her that. I can’t even begin to imagine what he is going through. His texts today have been erratic and argumentative. I’ve kept it simple.

He texted a rant earlier while I was out and I can’t text and walk Chewy at the same time, so I just left it until I got back. Of course, when I answered, he was busy and couldn’t answer me back. And the post man yesterday was so incredibly insensitive. “I got your dad right here!” and hands Doc a box to sign for. Dad’s cremains. The good news is that the post office has someone special to deliver your loved one’s cremains, the bad news is that it may be some tactless oaf with a horrid sense of humor.

I vacuumed the hell out of this rug today. I took the hose and got all the corners and edges; I took the brush thingy and did the furniture. I cleaned off the coffee table and brought in the laundry before it blew away and folded it and put it away. The house is clean. Now to organize.

Beyond sketching out concepts and taking copious notes, I haven’t done much arting. I’ve been working on the site, which is hard because it loads so slow. Lilliane has offered to work with me page by page, element by element to see if we can speed it up. I don’t know if it’s the plugins, or backgrounds, or font, or what. I do know that if you aren’t viewing it in Chrome, it looks like shit, but that can’t be helped. The others just don’t have the font options. It’s too bad, really. I’ve worked really hard on it in Chrome.

I optimized my first page today. The irony being, I used a keyword set that will never be used by my “target” audience, when I decide what that is; and did it on a page that doesn’t work yet. Just because I was editing the page, anyway. I have to figure out how to use more than one keyword set per page. Per post, one is fine. The Dear Diary jazz will get in an audience looking for diaries and journals. That is what I want. I just haven’t figured out what I want for the rest of the site. I have no target audience in mind. All I can think of is “people who get me”. Kind of hard to narrow it down without a psych test on the way in.

Wish me luck, I am forced to shop at No discounts, no cash back. But they are the ONLY ones on the web that have what I need within my price range. I have no other alternative. They, however have many, so I need to go comparison shop for the best deal. Oy.

Done. Under $20 for exactly what I wanted, the colors, quantities and price. Under $20 including shipping which leaves me plenty of money for H’s beer, if he ever shows up, and some groceries, if I need anything. And Doc doesn’t even have to send me any money. Yeah, I can budget. I didn’t approve the purchase with him, but when I have a few dollars to spend on materials, I need to do it then, when I find the sale, or the deal, or the chance to get stuff that sells out, all too often. It has taken me a month to find a pack with just the right colors and none extra, in decent quantities to make it worth it. Once I found it tonight, after really looking deep, I had to buy it without the asking permission process. From now on, when I have discretionary money, I am spending it on what I want. I still regret not pushing for those $16 jeans. I’ve found nothing comparable since. I should have just ordered them, we had the $20 to cover it.

It’s cool, things are going to change. I’m going to start bringing in small but steady amounts of money that I can then turn around and put back into materials, after I take 20% out for the charity I am creating, and 8% for taxes. Which reminds me that I have to include that in the receipt equation. Make sure I always charge and then save taxes. I’m going to stash them in my savings account because I never touch that and because I can transfer from paypal to checking to savings without a lot of problems. It’s all in Doc’s name, because of the banking and the paypal, dear Diary. Though I will declare all income above $500 per month to Social Security. I don’t want to break any rules. I think the threshold is a couple hundred dollars higher now, but I’m not taking any chances. Yes, I am putting a lot of faith and hope and dreams into the PRH Shop, I’m not doing this half assed, like most of the stuff I do. The hardest part now that the inventory is almost done, is the SEO. Really, I don’t know where to start with keywords and phrases. I have so many, and I need to pepper the site with them.

I also have to make a logo, and ads to display on site, and set up the Etsy site. Oy! Today is a day for saying that.

dear diary Sapporo, JapanThe Link: This is a place where Doc went with his dad to see relatives, shortly before we met. The mountains used to be key Cold War strategic nuke facilities secretly hidden underneath. I’ve heard some really cool stories over the last week. Some day, I hope I can share them with you and everyone. The stories need to be told. The place is Sapporo, Japan. Even without the espionage history, it is a beautiful place and the mountains are gorgeous. They even have a tram line. And the city is large, but still quaint in its architecture. Japan is a really beautiful country. It’s too bad when American movies get made about it, it’s about the Suicide Forrest and not all of the wonders.


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