Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

Dear Diary, Back from the Doctor

Dear Diary,

Thanks a million times to Lilliane, who got me to my doctor’s appointment. He’s goingt o sign Doc’s FMLA paperwork, but he’s not happy about it and I got a rather stringent lecture. And I was right, Robin is truly gone. But the billing lady didn’t give me any shit about whatever that call was about last night. I paid what I normally pay, and I still have money for groceries. And I don’t have to go back until the sting of today’s scolding wears off.

To celebrate leaving the house by myself and going far from home, I had a packet of mini eclairs. Now I’m debating a nap. I only got two hours sleep last night, and it is past my naptime, but I’m not in the least bit tired. I’m actually kind of high strung right now. It may be time to do the dishes.

Okay, dishes done, living room clean, just needs to be vacuumed. I’ll do that after the cats are done with their afternoon naps.

Let’s focus on the positive, dear Diary. Today I went far away from my house, alone. I got into cars with strangers (Uber), I did not freak out when one driver took the freeway, I did what I set out to accomplish, and then I actually called Doc’s friend on the phone, live. So, there’s all that. And that ain’t nothin’.

I still haven’t napped. Still don’t want to. I want to clean the litter boxes, but I have to wait until tomorrow. Maybe I’ll just clean out two of them, and wash them out and start over tomorrow when I get the litter with H. And I found out the reason H is actually in town for the weekend, and it isn’t NASCAR. His family came down to see him. He’s taking me out in the wee hours while they sleep. Said he’d call me in the morning, that’s between 3-5. Then he can only hang out for a little while, which sucks, because he is so funny. At least I will be able to take a full shower. YAY! Yay, me, for wanting to take a shower in the first place.

I’m going to art tonight. I’m going to watch Archer and art. Then I’m going to listen to music and art some more. Then I’m going to walk the dog in the middle of the night with a legal knife. Then I’m going to go get cat litter, sugar, a Magic Eraser, and a bottle of Cola. Then I’m going to take a shower. Then I’m going to sleep for EVER.

I’m ready for the wind and the rain tomorrow. I will do the laundry tomorrow night after the wind dies down so I can hang the clothes up to dry without them blowing away. whoosh I’m washing every towel I can find. Doc is always so clean, his towels don’t get visibly dirty or smelly, so he doesn’t think to wash them.

Hey, maybe I’ll get some hair bleach and take care of my roots tomorrow. It’s expensive, but my needs are few. And it would be a nice surprise for Doc. He likes me pure blonde.

I just sent Doc a smooshy text. I hope he takes it right, I was just thinking of him and feeling smooshy, I would cuddle the stuffing out of him if he were here. I did a lot of that before he left. We kept asking each other for hugs. Yes – we ask each other before we hug. We are not demonstrative people and both of us hate to be touched. Awwe, he sent a smooshy text back.

We’ve been so happy with me on Latuda. My attitude and persecution complex have completely turned around. We’ve been getting along, not having the stupid misunderstandings any more. It’s taking work, we back slide, old habits and such, but for the most part, before this happened, for about three weeks, the “honeymoon” phase was going strong again. Not all the icky sex stuff, but the other stuff, the enjoying each other’s company. It’s been like that. So we actually miss each other right now, instead of being glad to be apart, like we would have been a month ago. I’m so happy.

I’m going to go vacuum and then art. I have to art on the living room floor until I rebuild my studio this weekend while it rains, so the floor may as well be clean to start with. Then I can fuck it all up with paper scraps and such.


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