Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

Dear Diary, Two Brilliant Ideas in One Day

Dear Diary,

I think I should turn off the computer more often, dear Diary. I shut off my phone and my social media and spent the day doing something I have never done, sketching out jewelry ideas. I’ve always just kept the concept in my head, because I can’t draw, well, coherently, unless it is really simple. So I name everything on the sketch.

This morning, I was watching the news, and my morning news woman, Kirsten Joyce, inspired in me the greatest idea I think that I have ever had, that could lead to community service, and animal rescue on a large level, as well as kid’s literacy and comfort with reading aloud. Fucking amazing. My notebook is filling up. I need to find a children’s artist, though, if I decide to actually crowdfund to do this all non-profit, I will be able to hire an illustrator and have time to find one.

For once, I’m not going into details. This is a really obvious need that should be filled, and I just happened to trip over it. Someone will steal it if I go detailing it. So, for now, I’m keeping mum. I have Doc’s support and assistance. too, which, usually on these quests, I don’t. He is actually coming up with more to do with the idea than I am. I have managed to distract him. Points for me.

He’s getting on a plane tomorrow at 11:45pm. I could only afford a one way ticket, the discount didn’t work out, I wasn’t spending enough money on the ticket. So he will get the trip back once things are settled, and that way he isn’t locked into leaving before he is no longer needed. The woman at the Delta service number was really nice to me about wasting her time.

I have, thanks to Lilliane, a ride to the doctor. I have money in my account for groceries and smokes. H and M will be over to check on me every couple of days, and Lil will be texting to help me remember stuff. I think I can keep it together without calling my dad. I’m pretty sure that has moved back down to “last resort” level. Also, talk of the hospital has stopped. I’m doing too well. I don’t think I could fake it for two weeks or more. And who would take care of the animals? I mean, really.

After the deal with Delta fell through and I didn’t have to book directly through them, I went to Travelocity. I highly recommend it. We found a flight easily and very affordable, we have a few dollars left over to help with the suit, unless anyone wants a refund. Which I would understand, a lot of people who gave to me really couldn’t afford it.

I heard from the stranger who donated big money, she sounds so nice. And though she may be a stranger to me, I am not one to her, she has been reading me. Wow. And still wanted to give money to the cause, amazing when people do things like that. Really blows me away. I can’t even. Hopefully, despite the money, which I feel guilty about, she and I can become Ether friends, dear Diary. It would be really cool to know someone who kind of knows me.

The animals, of course, know something is up, and they are all putting on a circus for us. I give them three days to figure out the Alpha is gone and start running me ragged with the water bottle. And, no, you don’t actually have to squirt them, just at them, and yes, it works. For a while. Eventually you just have to reach for the water bottle, or if they are making a lot of noise, just shake it at them, and they stop whet they are doing.

The Link: for obvious reasons, today’s link is Travelocity. Unless they don’t come through on the reservation confirmation, then they suck.


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