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Cydniey Buffers

Dear Diary, Do the Dishes

Dear Diary,

I have to do dishes (15 minutes, tops), and laundry (1 load). I think I can handle that. Other than that, I’m just going to see where the day takes me. The whole jewelry thing is held up waiting on back-ordered black silk cord. The leather I used for my necklace just won’t work. The leather is too stiff and brittle. I have to condition the spool and let it sit for a while. I ordered the silk because I thought it would look nicer, anyway. And it will. I’m even planning on remaking my necklace when I get it in. I’ll use the leather I used on the necklace to wrap some beads I make, that will be cool.

dear diaryEver since I solidified the plans for Punk Rock Handicrafts (which will have a shop on, I have been all about how to re-use everything. Especially craft supplies. Not only because I have a lot of left over stuff, but because I am constantly creating waste. Paper, fabric, trinkets, powders and glitters, and beads and cord and now wire scraps. The paper beads I’m planning to make and embellish, I will sell on Etsy, because they really won’t have a place in the main shop. I have a business plan to make a profit on each and every thing stacked over there in front of the entertainment center. And I have to start doing it soon because Doc is getting really tired of hearing me talk about it without any results. I’ve just been trying to gather enough stock to open the shop as more than a joke.

I just got my phone back. I forgot to re-certify (it’s a free emergency phone), and they shut it off at the beginning of the month and I was enjoying the silence too much, and was too cheap to buy minutes. Plus, I could still text, they keep that service on and make it free when you run out of minutes, so you still have a way to communicate. That’s why my phone is so old. I’ve had it for six or seven years. Now it’s going to ring. Actually, only from Doc. He and Kelly and Cryo and my doctor and maybe Lilliane have my phone number. And CVS, but all my meds are up to date, so they won’t be bothering me for a while.

Dear Diary, Why is my internet always out? That’s it, I am literally going to sit on Doc tomorrow until he calls the cable company, switches to a way way cheaper bundle and signs up for “Gigablast”. With what they are charging for it, it’s got to be up more than the lowest quality service we are using now. Which I suspect they do intentionally to get you to sign up for their gigathing. So, we’ll do it. I am convinced that if we bundle, we will be able to eliminate at least $100 from our cable bill (which, for basic cable with BBCAmerica and Starz; and our shoddy internet connection, costs $220 a month, which Doc foots all of). We could use that money, sure. Why not. And better service? Amen.

I’m sure this has all been worked out by now, and will be by Monday, if not today . . . but . . . some petty functionary with delusions of grandeur is trying to get involved with Doc’s FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) time. The man went so far as to ask Doc what was going on that he had to have leave. WHOA. That is way beyond the line. That is getting into HIPAA territory, and petty functionaries do not go there. No one but the head and auditor of HR goes there, and they don’t even go there, they copy the info and forget it. That’s the law. I didn’t sign a release to the company for precisely this reason. And this guy got Doc all stressed out all night, he got no sleep. he was so worried. I talked to Kelli about it today, and she freaked out like I did. Doc is worried about his job, when this guy should be worried about his.dear diary

And if we needed extra time to keep me out of the hospital, my doctor may not completely agree with it, but he will understand it and back us up on it. Doc doesn’t think he will, but he did when we had to justify extra time a couple of years ago, and we weren’t even paying him then. Now we’re paying him in cash every time I go. So he has even more reason to support me now than he did then. Like I say, I am a curiosity to him He’s an anxiety/bi-polar shrink. I’m his only person with schizophrenia, so he gets to experiment on me with new meds and techniques. He keeps up with the studies. Whenever I bring him a new one, he has either already read it, or heard about it and read the abstract. He also is very interested in the preventative work they are doing in Australia. Even though that doesn’t apply to me, he entertains my mind by talking about it. It’s all about keeping me engaged in the appointment, which is often hard to do because I have just spent an hour on the bus and am in the middle of a panic fit. Noe even an attack, a fit. And I always forget my Xamax.

The Link: Want to learn something incredible? How about taking some free MIT courses? Seriously, you can. You won’t get credit for them, and I’m not sure if text books are needed (but I don’t think so), and you, too, can take courses at MIT, online. This is a great link. I just wish they had a better Literature Department. But their science and math is incredible. I can’t follow them at all.


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