Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

Oh Dear, I Seem to be Musing

Dear Diary,

But when am I not musing? About some damn thing or other.

IMG_0007aI found this seemingly promising article yesterday titled, “17 Things People with a Mental Illness Want You to Know”. So I read it, I thought at first that I would write an essay on it from my point of view, taking it point by point. Alas, that couldn’t happen. I may sound kind of negative or skeptical of “mood disorders”, at least the new flock of them, in the upcoming sentences. It’s just that I have been in the psychiatry world for a long time now, and I have seen things come and go. Anyone remember “false memories” and what havoc that wreaked on those who had real memories of abuse? I was wrongly diagnosed in 1984, year of Lithium and Manic Depression, as they called it then. I have been sucked into the fads (ECT, anyone?) and now I watch carefully from a distance until they pan out through research and treatment. If we’re going to talk about IMG_0014alabeling people with mood disorders, I’m sure I could come up with a whole list of stuff I have. I don’t want that.

So, this article. It was quotes from 17 overly-sensitive people with new mood disorders, mad that they were being stigmatized. Welcome to the world of mental illness, kids. That is what you bought in to. A life of labels and stigma. Not so glamorous being a victim, after all, is it? gets down off soapbox

IT’s funny, I want something to drink other than ice water for a few minutes and I can’t think of anything we have. I had some orange juice, but it had gone bad. I don’t want coffee or soda or Gatorade. More water, it is. I’m now on a completely anti-corn syrup bender. But, after I do eat in the morning for my meds, I feel so guilty and bloated, I just go to sleep because I IMG_0010acan’t handle the guilt. Maybe the wrong switch went on. We’ll see. I’m never sure how compulsive I’m being.

The pictures are from the construction shoot I did with Chewbacca yesterday. There are the four I have completed. Maybe. I may put frames around them.

I finished that project that was causing me so much anticipation. I did it wrong, it was an experiment. But the result is quite different and more interesting than I expected it to be. There will be a nice picture of it posted at the Patreon Patron board, and possibly on the member board on here, if I can do that. It’s taken from a shot of the innards of a 15 year old computer, all askew. And it has been altered, just slightly, so if you notice it, it takes all sense of reality out of the photo. I transferred it to a canvas covered with newspaper clips and a white wash. So there is a bit of a texture going on.  I may frame it because I don’t want to fuck up the texture with gloss, but I think it needs a shiny top. It’s only an 8″x10″ canvas board. I should be able to get a nice, industrial type frame from the cheap frame place without having it custom made.

Ack, I have no heartbeat! I can’t find my pulse or my heartbeat. Freaky. I’m dead. I suspected this. I’ve been feeling a little worn down . . . oh, that’s the lack of constant coffee. Okay, so the heartbeat is in there somewhere.IMG_0021a

Later . . .

I took a short nap and cleaned the house. Doc will be so relieved.

I set up the staging area for taking product pictures. I didn’t actually take any pictures because I lost the light, but it is all ready for me to go tomorrow. It’s simple, but portrays PRH’s personality. I used one of those thin, bat tree skirts with the glitter sprinkled on it. The glitter doesn’t show up, which is okay. I hung some beads in the upper part. Small, tiny seed beads in a looping garland. I even have little platforms to place things on.

HA! Vader and Bagira are running up and down the roof, and Chewy is chasing them, in the house, up and down the hallway. Major is just looking freaked out. Whoosh – there goes Chewy, and thump thump – here comes Vader and Bagira. I love these guys. I hope they don’t do this on anyone else’s roof. The devils just would.


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