Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

Ordering Day

Dear Diary,

Supply ordering day is always one of great excitement. Almost as good as supply receipt day. Of course, supply list building is fun, too. But pressing that “order” button is just so satisfying.

On the real side, one item I really want is on backorder. So I will be using leather cord for now instead of silk. Apparently the 1mm thickness is not something that is kept on shelves. To build up to “wholesale prices”, I had to order more than a certain amount of different items. So, I was really close after finishing my “must have” order. I went to the Clearance pages and found some great stuff for the shop, and some great stuff for me, and some other great stuff for future gifts. I got the wholesale pricing and saved around $10, which is nice because it hurt to pay retail for the poly-clay.

In preparation for the upcoming flurry of jewelry making, I refreshed myself with some Mokume Gane turorials and found one that was so good I saved it to my hard drive and converted it into a PDF. It was the best, most creative and idea inspiring instruction set that I have ever come across for the technique, and I’ve seen about 100 tutorials for this stuff, in metal and poly-clay. I could actually, given the materials and tools, make it out of metal to nice effect. I feel that confident in what I have just learned over the last week. So I’m making a spring designer line of jewelry featuring the technique. I have some really neat ideas. All inspired but not copied from, Pinterest finds.

Chewbacca has been licking his schmekel for 7 solid minutes. I’m watching the clock. I understand the fascination, just not the patience. I finally had to tell him to stop. It’s going to fall off if he keeps this up.

Doc just wandered in to tell me his door was open. And that he emailed me a picture last night after I went to sleep. I can only assume it is of Felix and I doing something cute in our sleep. Or, rather, me looking like a dead body and Felix doing something cute. Doc’s translation of me being cute doesn’t really translate to the digital medium. It usually looks like Felix is curled up to a moist corpse. It’s spring, I will get some color to my skin soon. I look unhealthy, and I’m losing weight, and soon people will start making fun of me for this (“Is Cydniey sick?”, “Should we take her to a doctor before or after we eat?”). Maybe I should work out a little bit, too. It couldn’t hurt. I could start walking the dog again, it’s warm enough.

Since I got paid today, and Doc has been working overtime, we will be paying cash for our new TV. We still haven’t come to a decision on size. I’m still pushing for the 44″. It’s a big living room, I live off of the light of the TV when Doc is sleeping in here. The bigger the screen, the better. I just won’t pay more for a TV than I ultimately did for my laptop. I love TV and all, but I couldn’t live without my laptop. It soothes me when the TV fails. I just have to wait Doc out until he has seen one too many re-runs of Burn Notice on Demand and on the laptop. Then he will buy the new TV with a swiftness. To tell a secret, I’m a little tired of Burn Notice. I never thought I’d say that. Ever. The most important thing is that we can shop online for it and get it delivered. Then I can bribe the delivery men to help me get the old TV out of here. It’s kind of sad that I have no friends who will help me. Doc’s friends are all busy or without transportation. I’ll bribe the delivery guys. It’s worth the general peace in my life from lack of people.

Hours later . . . almost time to order the TV. Going with the 32″, which is what we had, so, cool. And it’s the cheapest for a “name” brand. Here’s hoping Doc gets accepted for credit, I don’t want to blow all of our discretionary cash for the month in one swipe.

He activated his new smart phone today. I figured out how to take pictures and I’m not touching it anymore. Once he’s over the newness of it, I’ll put the Instagram app on it and actually use my account. I get to keep his old phone for the camera. So I have a new camera. I’ll pick up a spare micro SD card for it at some point. Yay! New camera to me! And I can actually look like I’m using a real phone when I’m out.

IT was 80 out today. So nice. The cats are so happy. Even Felix went out for a while. Now a weather front is moving in and the cats are going bananas. The wind is whipping up and the air is starting to smell like ozone. The outside contingent are running around the yard, climbing halfway up trees, jumping from furniture to furniture.

ACK! I can’t believe I didn’t publish this yesterday. Okay, here you go.

The Link: A political article today. About Bernie Sanders. It is biased towards the Clintons, referring to them as a future governing team that kind of scares me. But if you believe just %50 of it, it still illustrates what I don’t like about Bernie and what I do like about Hillary. And the author summed up my feelings perfectly in this statement, “In 2016, however, I don’t want someone who requires on-the-job training. I want someone who can take the baton from Obama and hit the ground running.”




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