Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

Experimentation Day

Dear Diary,

I am still not sure how it happened. I know it was early morning and Pinterest was involved. I bought some gel medium for transferring photos to other surfaces a while ago for another project that didn’t pan out. And then I saw this thing. Multimedia, paper, paint, photo transfer, all together. Genius! So I studied their vague artist’s explanation of what they did, and then checked the gel medium site to make sure that what I had could do what I wanted and started the project.

Once again, as with the pendants, there is a lot of waiting for things to dry and cure. Layer upon layer, each has to dry completely to keep the ink of the multi-media from running. At every stage, working with the background, because it was a base of Asian newspaper clippings, I kept waiting for ink to run, or things to tear, which happened a couple of times, but no big deal.

The weird part was working exclusively in black and white. I’m so used to throwing in color whenever I can. The original had color blended in the background, but I opted for gray/white blending instead. I simply didn’t know what color I would want on the subject. It’s kind of real in black and white, and I wanted to keep that sense of reality.

If this works, I’m going to go nuts with the gel medium. There are images I want to put on things and do things with, and this new technique can be modified so many ways for so many different effects. It is kind of weird moving from Photoshop to the real world, I had to think out each step, how I would mask and control opacity. Oh yeah, mix paint, not click on slider. Derp.

This weekend was rough. As usual, I don’t remember it clearly. Light and medication and questions and watching and waiting. Oddly, I was out of it enough that the people didn’t bother me. I spent most of my time alone, staring at the wall or the door. Waiting for the face to peek in every 10-15 minutes to check on me. Don’t get caught by large orderlies putting a cigarette out on your arm. Pro Tip, right there. Free. And, scene.

Honestly, I’m not ready to talk about it. There’s a shame associated with this trip that didn’t accompany the others. I don’t know if it’s the shame of being in “public”, or the shame of the situation, all of a sudden. It’s not something I want to think to hard about right now, so my overly analytical writing will have to find another subject.

On the up-side, Doc and I have reached a new point in our relationship. Basically, the whole thing could fall apart with the wrong word, but until then, things are really good and we’re doing really well at communicating with each other. May be that it’s too late, but at least the end won’t be all screaming and shit. If we break up now, it would eventually be amicable. It’s hard to explain, I’m sure someone has been there, or near there with someone else. When all else fails, make it work until it just can’t anymore. If we get over this part, we’ll never break up, ever. This has been the hardest on both of us. Never keep things inside. Always share, especially when the other person is directly involved with how you are feeling.

I think that’s it for tonight. I’ll post a link and picture tomorrow here. I can’t think of a link right now outside of marriage counseling. Wow, I put myself in a really dark place. I have to get out of that before Doc comes home.

It’s going to take overnight for that transfer to dry. I want to see it work, so I can use it on other things. Especially clay. I can’t draw on clay without ruining my cheap markers and I don’t have the spare money to waste on new markers right now. So, if I can draw my design on paper, then transfer it to the clay, I can make much better designs. All I have to do is scan the finished designs in, and then print them out and use the gel medium. It would also eliminate the running of the colors problem I’ve had, even with permanent markers. I can even use crayon to make the design, if I want to if I do it this way. The gel medium, used in small amounts like that, is way cheaper than continuing to buy $5 permanent fine point markers and killing them in ten minutes. I can just get a set and keep them nice. It’s time I replaced my fine point black markers.


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