Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

And Then I Wasn't Sick Anymore

Dear Diary,

Dear DiaryWe’ll do some summer photos today, since it is so cold and dreary over so much of the country.

I presented the desert tortoise idea to Doc, appealing to his conservationist side (and the possible aid of the lizards under siege in our yard by the cats), and got a positive response. He is thinking about it, considering it. It means giving up on his dream of grass in the back yard, but that was a doomed illusion. I can probably get some wildflowers and plants for the tortoise to grow without problem, but a lawn is too much to ask for with no sprinkler system. The tortoise is the key. A use for the yard, a justification for it just being clay and grasses, and a reason to spend more time out there.

Dear DiaryPlus, I keep the door to the back yard in the garage open with the security gate shut when I’m in the studio, so the tortoise can come up to the gate and say hi to me, and I can just nip out to say hi to it. Since Chewbacca will not willingly go in the studio, and the cats don’t like the closeness of the heat in there so they don’t hang out, either, the tortoise can keep me company and give me important design advice (which is what I use the other animals for, talking out design problems).

I’ve given the pendants enough time to cure, so today is the next step. Then I start another batch for the store. With any luck, when Doc gets paid this week, I can order the polymer clay and micro glitter I put on the top of my wishlist to bookmark, and get to work on the Mokume Gane pendants. When Jr. was looking at the pendants the other night, he was most impressed by the Mokume Gane, as is Doc. Doc loves the lumpy texture of it. He feels it gives the piece dimension. He’s good. And the black micro glitter around the edges make the design stand right out, I love Pinterest. It has inspired more of my best art/crafts than any other single source in my life. You can just Dear Diarytake a picture/tutorial and go wild with it. Use the techniques and throw the cutesy country shite away from the design. If Pinterest were a cult, I would be a member. A devoted one.

Doc is up, time to go.

The Link: This one is simple. It is a prodding, go to Pinterest, search for something, anything, and see what you find.


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