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It's Been so Long, Kids

Dear Dairy,

IMG_0007aLet’s start this novella with a snapshot of Felix, his adorable nose, and his paw. We will do this because it has been raining for 18 hours and we can’t let his tiny nemesis outside (Teeny, she won’t go, little princess), and he has had no peace and no sleep in that time. He is currently on top of the kitchen cabinets with the heavy bakeware. She is trying to find a way up. Say it with me, “Pooooor Felix kitty.”

A few miles away, it is 20 degrees colder and snowing. The weather guy is freaking out. Yes, I said weather “guy”, not “lady”. “My” channel, the local CBS affiliate, has been shut off by the cable company after nasty, too-public negotiations and trash talk. So, no more weather lady. All of these news people are so strange. Their voices are unfamiliar to me, I don’t like it. All of the evening shows that are an integral part of my weekly schedule are on that channel. So, in preparation, I have been looking up and listing my favorite Farscape episodes, and I’ll start by watching a few of those tonight while I work. I’m starting with “Liars, Guns and Money”, a fun little capsule episode with John and Scorpious in a planet-side diner when a botched robbery goes down by two fun blue guys. My favorite line from it, and one that Doc and I use quite often, is, “Why so complicated?!” I’ll get through this blackout. It can’t last long, the affiliate brings in 35% of the rating share for the companies that broadcast it.

tortT09_0143_025I think I have figured out what to do with our yard that doesn’t involve any major structural changes. I want a dinosaur. One of the most responsive and intelligent reptiles known is the desert tortoise. They live outside in burrows and wander around climbing things and laying in the shade. They play with other domestic animals and interact with their humans. In Nevada, if you have the right kind of yard (which, with the addition of some dirt and a couple of large rocks, we have), you can register to become a Custodian of a desert tortoise. They live for 80-100 years, so there is a very active re-homing effort here with conservationists. You get a license, and they check your yard for safety and habitat, and then you pick a tortoise and they come live with you.

I have to sell Doc on this idea. I have some more research to do, he will have a lot of questions. But I’ll clean all the crap out of the back yard, build and reinforce the fences, and find a way to get some rocks here. The dirt, I will have to order. The thing is, I have a couple of months to do this. The tortoises are brumating (hibernating) right now. They will wake up in spring, then I can choose one. I want one that is big enough to fend off the cats, so no yearlings. I want one that is older and resourceful and has been active with their human before me. I really don’t know how Doc is going to react to this idea. On the one hand, it is another pet. On the other hand, it is taking an active role in the conservation of Nevada’s indigenous life. And we would have someone to trim up all the desert grasses that grow in the back yard in sections.

IMG_0055aSo, I made this (I hear, I didn’t actually eat any of it) amazing spinach/feta/red onion/oregano quiche the other day. I made it for Doc. I knew he was getting tired of the cheddar/bacon quiches. Though I am making one of those tomorrow. I’ve decided, behind this, to actually create a recipe book. I’ve been toying with the idea for a couple of years, but didn’t think I had enough recipes. But I have decided that I do, and I will also do a glossary of terms like “fold”, and “sift” so that any idiot can follow them. I will also add personal stories about certain recipes, and tangential information about others. Plus pictures. Lots of glossy pictures. So, basically, I get to make every dish I have ever created/drastically altered to take pictures of the process and final product. Doc is going to gain so much weight. HA!

IMG_0054aI also made candied nuts. Just look at that candy thermometer! That is a fucking beauty, I can read it from across the room, at the oven, it is great. Since that recipe is no longer widely available, I’m going to make it mine by changing it (tricky because it is candy) and put it in the cook book. With the addition of different varieties of nuts, it is really something. I think that drizzling melted dark chocolate over it as it cools on the pan might be a good idea. I have enough nuts to try one altered recipe. So, I’ll ask Doc to get me some melting chocolate. Chocolate chips don’t work for drizzling because they have fixative in them. That’s a piece of info I will put in the cook book. Little things that people should know, but don’t know that they should. I wish I had known that back on IMG_0056aHalloween when I tried to make something with drizzled chocolate with chocolate chips. sigh I learned it two days later by chance on the news. A cooking segment on making chocolates.

So, that there is hazelnuts, sliced almonds, and walnuts in a thin, crispy cinnamon-sugar coating. A couple of you will be getting packages with this in it soon. Yeah, Christmas, sure. I’m right on fucking schedule. Can you love me even though I’m a flake? I can’t remember to feed the dog, either. He’s had to learn to whine at me and lead me to his bowl or the magic box where his food is kept.

The wind is only blowing 30 mph right now, I was wrong in my assumption earlier, I thought it was blowing at 100 mph. As the couch slid off the patio and across the yard, you can imagine my reasoning. There is a cat, clinging to a tree, and several birds have been smashed into the yard wall by the force of the gales. Blood and guts everywhere. Okay, that was all fiction, but it is really windy. With luck, it is blowing the low pressure out of here so we can have some nice, dry weather. And by “dry”, I don’t mean rainless, never that. I mean not humid. It has been horribly humid here, and even though it is mild, I still feel it. My hair is just not happy, what is left of it. The long part is all tangled from frizz. Yeah, I know, priorities. I will find anything to complain about. I like making up stories about damage the wind causes, though.

IMG_0020aThis is our couch. On of our couches, our really nice one. Cream damask of hibiscus and leaves. Red and gold throw pillows, it is our classy area. I took the picture because it sums up how I feel in this house, safe, comfortable. Sun streaming in around the bars on the windows that keep me secure, distorted just slightly by the safety screens we also have. Couch nice, but not pristine. Wrinkled cushion lets me know that someone gets cozy there, spends time there with me. And the sun on the damask just looks really good. The cross shadows are Tony, the tree. Like I said, his branches have gotten too long. You shouldn’t be able to see them from the living room. Tony is planted outside of my room. Lo-o-o-ong branches. Just wait until we get that chainsaw-on-a-stick. You wouldn’t think they would make those things in this day and age of super safety, but they do. An extendable metal pole, with a chainsaw on the end of it, for cutting high branches. Nothing can go wrong with beer and a hot day, there. No, just keep selling those things. We’re having one delivered to the house. I think we are trying to see if hardware stores can provide more lethal means of death than guns. Certainly more creative and messy. I don’t know if anything we’ve found is more effective at lethality, though. We keep trying!

Okay, the cold medicine and ibuprofen lasted 2 hours and now they have worn off and I have to wait two more hours until I can take more. Fuckity fuck fuck. I am so not speaking to Doc. He brought this disease into our house. I’ve seen what it has done to him over the past few days, and wanted nothing to do with it. Now I have it. I just have to keep from re-infecting him. coughsneezeburp Burp? Ok.


And, our final picture (yes, at 1500 words, this is coming to an end), is the Gang of Three. They are the ones that are not all black. They are the spokes-cats for the rest of the group. Sure, Major and Teeny are talkative, but not substantive, the Gang of Three puts thought and weight behind their meows. Here, they have just appealed for food (which we had run out of, bad parents!), and Boo, on the right, is looking down at Teeny, who is awaiting the results of the appeals process. It took me five shots before Sai Sai, on the left, finally closed his huge blue eyes and stopped with the lasers. Felix just instinctively looks away when he sees the little orange light on the camera blink before it takes a shot.

And that is the State of the Cydniey right now. I have my to-do list ready to go. Sick, or no, I am getting a lot of stuff accomplished today. I have necklaces to finish up, and SEO to work on. Oh, yeah, speaking of that, the “Dear Diary” thing at the top, that’s for search engines. I just couldn’t bring myself to find a different set of keywords for every damn post, so I settled on the one thing that I would like to draw people here, the diary entries. The static pages of the site will get individualized SEO, but the diary posts are just so many and so varied that it would be pointless to try to draw people into search through some random word I happened to mention. The “Dear Diary” says it all.

Time to let the dog out. Before he pees on something I love. Just kidding, he doesn’t do that.


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