Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

So, Thursday.

Dear Diary,

I got paid. Doc got paid. Grocery run this weekend. I want stuff for turkey hoagies. And tahini, I want to make home made humus for the Greek quiche. And fresh mini-balls of buffalo mozzarella in water. I want to just devour a few of them, and I’ll enhance the garlic bread with the rest. When Doc tastes how good it is when it’s melted, so creamy and light, he will never question the cost again. Oh, and Zataran’s Red Beans and Rice and Black Beans and Rice. Many boxes.

It’s really sunny out for right now, I should be taking pictures of inventory. I have to get Doc up in 10 minutes, I’ll start messing with setting up a studio once he gets up. That way I won’t get really into what I’m doing and forget to get him up. He has a bunch of stuff to do. Like go in and yell at the receptionist team of ineptitude at the psychiatrist’s office, try to get some samples for me to take, talk to the Doctor about an insistence of 30 day scripts for Latuda and the FMLA paperwork.

Then, if he can’t get any samples, he has to go to the pharmacy (CVS) and try to get some pills for me to tide me over during the appeals process. Everybody wants me to go to the hospital. I’m feeling paranoid, and the whole of the pharmacy and doctor world are against me, they are trying to break me. I just don’t know what the end game is.

Though, I have noticed that people have a surprising lack of end games, and just do stupid and mean stuff because they can. Because they have no empathy. Or they are so caught up in their own worlds, they don’t have room in their heads for the problems they are supposed to be solving.

If your company says, “We’re switching our prescription program to CVS/Caremark, start working on your resume and get the fuck out of there. Especially if you have something other than the common medical problems like colds, and broken bones and such. If you need medication from a specialist, you are fucked, buddy. There is so much correspondence that has to be exchanged by all hands in order to get what you need if it’s something other than herpes medication, viagra, or antibiotics. And in the mean time, you may very well end up in a hospital just to get the medication you need. Imagine that sort of treatment with a Diabetes patient. It just wouldn’t happen. Mental health is the least important of the healths to the AMA.

Ok, when Doc gets up in 40 minutes. He’s not going to get anything done today. I can see it now. I will be really surprised. I should just get the camera and the backdrop out and the dishes and paperclips and other props I’m going to use to enhance the product pictures. With little disclaimers, like, “Paperclips not included”, and “Plates not included”. I’ve worked out a better inventory system, this time using dashes between category numbers. That should make things much easier. I don’t know what the basic WooCommerce plugin includes, but there are many other plugins to enhance it.

I still haven’t solved the problem of the Media Board, please be patient with me. I have to talk to support. If I can get it to work, it should be a really cool thing.

I cruised around the site yesterday and found many flaws in missing graphics and one missing page. So, I need to fix that today.

And I have something for my Patreon Patrons that I need to get together and post. In fact, I have a lot of work to do on my Patreon site.


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