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Cydniey Buffers

So, it's Tuesday, Again

I can’t seem to find the right head-space this morning. Oh, I didn’t take the Latuda yesterday, that’s why. Okay, I’ll remedy that soon.

I started watching cable news again. The difference is that now, I just don’t care. Trump can shoot people with impunity? Fine. Cruz lied about his insurance? Whatever. Not my monkeys, not my circus. I can vote. I’m not going to caucus, that just seems like a hot mess, but I will vote. And I will decide my vote from the two survivors after all this nonsense is done. No, it won’t be Trump. Meanwhile, I still get my precious human interest stories.

Jem had a circuit fart last night. When I woke up from my nap at 11, it was caught in a Startup Repair loop. For some reason, the computers don’t like to turn on and boot normally when the printer is hooked up. I have the drivers, and they installed right, all the computers have issue with it, though. It works fine, I just have to remember to unplug it from the hub when I’m done with it, which I didn’t do yesterday for some reason.

I’ve been trying to get to know Jem, mainly by putting him on my lap when I use him and trying to use the keyboard. I just can’t with the keyboard. It’s too small, I can’t get my fingers in the right places. And “backspace” is in a weird place. But other than that, he is a little powerhouse, for the price. His external speaker really really sucks, but his audio card is awesome. When I plug in my headphones, I have to turn the volume almost all the way down. Fabulous. I absolutely love it. The processor has handled every Photoshop command I have given it, and I’ve worked on some big documents with filters, which usually is what trips the processor up. Nope. Not on Jem.

Meanwhile, Bollux won’t stay on for more than 15 minutes, no matter what I do. I have one more thing to have Doc try, then I give up for a while. It isn’t overheating. It isn’t infected. It’s only 5 years old and has never been dropped and has been treated well, aside from a couple of malware infestations. Google is absolutely no help. The one thing I did find out was that this model of Acer has a penchant for this behavior after a few years. No one knows why, it’s like there’s a self-destruct timer in them.

Okay, I’m better now. The sun has broken through the high, light clouds of dawn and the whole outside is glowing. The sun isn’t high enough to come in through Tony’s window over my couch yet, but I am so waiting for that hour. I think it’s 9-10 this time of year. For that hour in the winter, the sun shines between the two houses and down on Tony, and with his leaves gone, into the window and onto the living room. Doc hates it because he can see the dust dancing around. But I don’t, and he’s asleep in his room.

The weather lady said to take off the jackets today. I think she is a bit premature, it’s just mid-50’s. Now, mid-60’s? Jacket comes off. Mid-70’s, tank top goes on and pants come off. Wow, spring is only a month away. And the way time just fucking flies when you are getting old, that will pass quick.

This summer, I hope we have the money or resources to construct the cinder block/futon couch out on the porch. I’m making some stick sculptures for the back yard, the Grecian urns and rusted wheel barrow are not enough for me anymore. I need an installation below the pine tree, closer to the porch. I need spray enamel for those. I want them really bright and really shiny. I may paint them neon colors and then cover them with a layer of glow-in-the-dark paint so they are just as cool at night. Either that or put a black light on the back porch.

If it warms up like it is supposed to this weekend, I’m putting up my new fairy lights out on the porch. I don’t know if I’ll go around the perimeter again, or criss-cross them like in an outdoor cafe. All I know is that I have plenty for the entire porch and walkway.

Oh, yeah, I have to go to Dish TV, Direct TV and Century Link today and find a new cable package. Our cable company has decided it doesn’t want to carry local stations anymore. Local network stations. Time to get rid of it. And I’m pretty sure we can get a better deal than we have now. We’ll lose On Demand, but I can deal with it. Then it’s just a matter of getting them out here before the cut off date. Which is in three days. The cable company gave us NO warning. The news covered it, that’s the only way I knew about it until last night when messages started scrolling along the bottom of the network channels explaining how Cox are cocks.

If we get a better deal, maybe we can get a pay channel other than Starz. Doc would have to decide.

Oh, does anyone have an Amazon Prime membership? Do they have the Doctor Who episodes? Netflix is dumping them at the end of the month (again, no notice), and I’m thinking of getting Prime again. If they have Doctor Who, that would seal it for me. Maybe we’ll save enough on cable to get Hulu, too. If it weren’t for the networks and movies, I would give up TV. Oh, and if I could watch anything on the computer without getting distracted and doing other stuff.

The new Bourne movie is still filming on the Strip. They are doing day-time shots this week. Last week it was all the night-time stuff, car chases and wrecks and police cars smashed, nice. They show it from one of their Strip cams on the news every few minutes, and now, every other weather/traffic break. Because it does have something to do with traffic. The Strip is closed during the day, that is a huge traffic problem. Cabbies all over the city are cursing Matt Damon’s name this month.

And speaking of cabiies, this city is in the vice-like grip of the Taxi Authority. I don’t blame the cabbies. I’ve known a few really well, and they are pressured non-stop from their bosses to use the unethical practices that they do. The tourists have to rely on them, and now Uber, but the locals have a war on with the Authority. They routinely long-haul, locals, who know better. I am to the point where any time I take a cab, I give the driver the directions I want him to take. They extort extra money out of tourists whenever they can for spurious reasons. The cabs are out of control. And they fought hard to keep Uber out of here. Too hard. There is plenty of traffic and business for a whole other Taxi Authority fleet in this town. Tourists are always complaining about waiting for cabs, though they are always lined up at the VIP entrances of the casinos and the airport. Where the high tippers should be. So they can just shut up and loosen their hold on Las Vegas’ balls.

There’s a whole huge tourist industry here, and there is room for everyone to make money and follow the rules at the same time. There’s plenty of money in the city coffers for whatever road works need to be done, or alterations to bus lanes and taxi lanes. The tourists have plenty of money, people have been winning big here regularly, plus there’s the usual constant batch of people who have saved up all year to splurge here. Everyone can have some. Everyone just calm down.


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