Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

About Major

IMG_16For those of you who are new to the narrative, Major is one of my black cats. He only likes me, of all humans on earth, and he likes me a lot. When he is not asleep, eating, bathing, playing, he is looking for me, meowing. He makes a lot of noise. He has a long nose and a fat belly and he loves his ears petted.

Another thing about Major, hinted at by the constant meowing for me (he gets lost in the house), is that he is slightly brain damaged. He’s not coordinated, he can’t jump high, his balance is off, he is a little off. But he is smart as a whip. The first day I had him home, he was on the couch, meowing at me (it was IMG_25constant for the first few months, even when I was petting him), and he reached out his paw and put it on my hand and started to pull it to him for pets. This endeared me to him immediately.

By the way, he is brain damaged not because of sun stroke, as we originally thought, but his imbibing of electricity. It has fried a couple areas of his brain. But not his problem solving. He is brilliant.

Whenever he is laying next to me, if I pet him, he gets on my lap. I don’t always want this. So the other day, I used a Chewy command, and taught Major, “right here”, which means, come to my side. So every time he got near my lap, I told him “right IMG_1287here” and made “fuzzle hand” (rubbing my first two fingers against my thumb to make a subtle noise to get their attention and hold it) until he just came to “right here”.

I had him walking across the couch, back and forth, to get pets from different hands and stay off my lap. We had a lot of fun, and he had enough without ever spending a moment on my lap. WIN.

Now, if I could just teach the ever-present and infinitely stubborn Boomer the same thing. She is on my lap every time my legs are flat out. And if I lean forward on my elbows, she climbs across and lays down on my arms.

I think I’m going to undercut my hair. I’m so tired of the dangly bits, I just want to shave them off. So, I think I’m going to. I need to enlist Doc’s help, though, I don’t think I can do the back on my own in a straight line. Plus it would cool me off so much. Right along above my ears and the bottom of my hair line sweat the most. Getting rid of them will cool me off brilliantly. Plus, it’s less hair to do the roots to, and les hair to dye blue. I may be able to get away with only one tube of blue. Maybe I’ll get purple, too and do galaxy hair.

So, that is the story of Major (oh, and he watches Spongebob and NCIS). And some random hair stuff I wanted to say.


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