Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

It was a Quiet Weekend

We only wanted to kill each other once. And he apologized for starting that and escalating it. I got over it.

I took the weekend off. After all the technical work I did for three days on the laptops, I was burned out. I figured out my networking problem, though. I put everything of mine on one hard drive and everything of Doc’s on another one, and we can switch plugs as we switch laptops. I’m not messing with the damn network settings anymore. I had people on Facebook trying to help me, nothing worked. So I said fuck it and pulled out my extra USB hard drive. Problem solved.

I’m trying to add a media board to the FD area. Some place to make quick visual posts with little text. Better than Twitter. Yes, I will do anything to keep people here.

Today, I work on drawing people here. SEO. It’s time. I have lists of keywords to put together and add to the plugin so I can get on the Google. I need more links going out of this site, but I don’t know where to get them. I don’t really socialize with anyone who has their own site anymore. There are a few obvious things, and I will start building a “Links” page.

I joined Google’s “Todoist” and installed the add on in Chrome. So I have a current to do list, sitting in my browser, ready to check whenever I get distracted. I’ve knocked two things off of it today, already. I have to add three more, but that’s the way it goes. This nay actually help me stay focused. I’m not putting deadlines on anything yet, except “midnight tonight”, but whatever I don’t have done at 11:45, I will transfer over to the next day.

Doc is finally asleep in his room. He’s been sleeping out here all weekend. I have had no alone-time. I’m really enjoying this time right now, and will enjoy it more when he leaves for the night at 1:45pm.

We’re out of milk for coffee, so I’m drinking cheap mochas. I pour an envelope of Swiss Miss hot cocoa in the coffee and add a bit of sugar (I’m a bug, I like it sweet). That solves my milk-in-the-coffee need. And makes it taste really good, I am drinking this pot of coffee really fast. I think Doc is right and I need to switch over to electrolyte formula for a while. When this cup is done. I think I have some orange flavored in the fridge.

It is what Kelli, Doc and I call a “Pittsburgh Sunday Grey” outside. Pittsburgh only has 80-something sunny days a year, so many Sunday’s seem inordinately grey and dreary. And Sundays are suck-days anyway. So, yeah, it’s Monday, but it’s Sunday Grey fron A Country Away. I’m sorry for that last sentence, I couldn’t help myself. Sometimes the lunatic wordsmith in my head just takes over for a minute.

This media board thing is taking a long time to configure. I’ve done all I can, they have to do the rest from their back end. Right now it is just a big, grey box on the page with a link to support and one to the host site. It should be light purple, with pink boxes (unless you change the color, which I am told you can, and may), and black text. I’m hoping some post buttons appear at some point and the colors change. But I’d settle for the post buttons showing up. Hmmm. Tried c hanging the settings, no go. I’ll come back to it later today.

I guess I can’t put it off any longer. Time to check off items on the old to do list. It would be nice to start with a fresh one tomorrow, I’ve already started it. sigh


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