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I didn’t have to take any cold/flue/cough/sinus medication yesterday. Today, not so much. I’ll take the day.

I got both laptops set up last night. I have three more programs to install that are small and unimportant to my immediate work. We’ll see how mad Doc is over my software being on Jem when he gets up.

Watch If you use a credit card for a one-time purchase, they will save the info and mark it as your default card, even if you tell them not to. There was a minor bank emergency last night as a result that ended in my cancelling my Prime account. Doc just said “fix it”, so I did. Then he got upset I cancelled my amazon Prime account. We can sign up again. It’s not a problem. I just wanted to get him his money back asap.

I found a recipe to brine your tshirts to soften them immensely. Doc got me the ingredients last night. I just need to secure a bucket and set four shirts to softening. I hope this works. I have a lot of shirts I would wear if they weren’t so stiff. This, if it works, would be great. I could soften all my shirts and my shorts and maybe even my jeans. That would be dreamy, soft, not stiff clothes.

Ahh, sunrise. Daytime is becoming my time of power, as I switch my schedule over to Doc’s. There’s a lot more you can get done in the light of day. For example, I’m waiting for full light so I can chase the cats around with the video cameras for a while. I keep losing the footage I have. It’s only a few minutes at a time, but many editable cute things. I have some great pictures of Felix and Simon I’m going to work on today. I guess they’ll go up on the FB Circus Catimus page first, then into the Eye Candy Portfolio. And I need to make a big, desktop of some cute thing for my Patreon Patrons. I haven’t posted there for a very long time.

I finally figured out how I cut my head open on the “Vodka Night” two years ago. It still vexes me because I should have had it stitched and it left a big, rough scar. The other night, I was bending over the litter box in the mudroom, and I stood up, and cracked my head on the corner of the cabinets, right in the same place. Opened it back up, too. Mystery solved. Now if I could just remember the acquisition of the two black eyes and nearly broken elbow. Doc is actually surprised that I still won’t touch vodka. I didn’t even get sick that night. I just blacked out. Sitting in the kitchen, drinking cocktail after cocktail, alone. I don’t know what I was thinking that night. I think I was out of weed.

Wow, there’s so much I can do now, so much power I have. Two fully-loaded laptops and a flat screen and two wireless track balls. No power in the ‘verse can stop me. So long as I don’t download anything.

Okay, three cups of coffee and four cigarettes in, and I’m finally ready to go back to work. I should be able to get a lot done before Doc gets up at 10. I have three and a half hours. Today’s goals include getting some pictures of products, or at least working with backdrops and angles and exposures, for the shop. Also, SEO. I’ve had the plugin for a week, and all I have to do is fill out the words, and it will do the rest. Get me on Google for something other than poetry or has-been webcam girl. Actually, the only search terms ever used to find me were “”, so, some real geniuses out there. Why would you search for a URL you have? I don’t get it.

A coyote carried off a small dog up the street yesterday. We have high, concrete walls. There was also a robbery at the corner store last night. They found the guy hiding in the “ravine” where the suburban homeless people live. What was the guy thinking? There are like a hundred cameras on that corner. Traffic cams, three convenience store security systems with multiple cams, personal cams . . . it’s got to be the most observed corner within miles of here. Desperation is a horrible thing.

I should eat something. I’m temporarily out of Latuda, so I don’t “have” to eat. So, I haven’t been. The bagels went bad, there were only two left; I’m not allowed to cook the lamb until we have Italian Feast; cereal is too sweet (I’m on a “too sweet” kick, candy, soda, Gatorade, cereal, all too sweet). I could make bacon and do something with that, or whip a quiche together. I don’t want to cook. I really don’t. I have to clean the kitchen, and I’m not ready for that. Maybe after I clean, I’ll make a quiche. I have spinach/feta/red onion for one and aged extra-sharp cheddar and prosciutto and white onion for the other. I think I’ll also put bacon in it, too. It’s a rather small portion of prosciutto and I like a lot of smoked meat in my quiche. And I have more of my secret ingredient, so I can make proper filling for them. And my electric mixer with the whisk attachment. That quiche is going to be like a fucking soufflee. Then we can do Italian Feast tomorrow for lunch and I can make ground lamb gyros for dinner. With fresh humus, if Doc can find a jar of tahini in this wasteland. Sometimes I hate the suburbs. 28 different kinds of mole, but no tahini. 5 varieties of ricotta cheese, but no fresh buffalo mozzarella balls in water. AUGH! Do you know how badly I am craving fresh mozzarella? I’ll put it in bread or whatever, but I need that texture, that taste.

Okay, computers set up surrounding me. No cats around, so no cam action. They’ll be up in an hour or so when I’m ready to take a break. Now, if I could just dislodge this small brown dog from my hip, we’d be all set.


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