Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

Everything is Just Rainbows and Friggin' Unicorns

No, really. I’m not being sarcastic. I have milk for my fresh coffee, I’m stoned, I’m medicated, my husband is home and we are getting along with each other. We’re both staying up right now to hang out with each other and enjoy our highs. He had a couple of beers at H’s, so he’s got a nice beer buzz going.

Boomer is curled up next to me. She doesn’t mind that I wake her up every so often with nuzzles and pets. Chewbacca is asleep on my pillow. Where he is when he’s not under it. He has this thing with my pillow. I’m going to give it to him when I get a new one. I have an old, worn, flannel pillowcase to put on it for him. It will keep him warm all winter. Felix is relying on me for body heat.

My favorite “Love Boat” drinking game quotes of all time is, “See ya around.” Yes, because you are on a boat, that really isn’t that big, compared to the monsters today, or the Queen Mary.

I can barely wait until the trackballs get here. I still haven’t figured out a lasting, and cool way to distinguish them from one another. So when I have All the machines hooked up and all the keyboards and all the trackballs, I know what the fuck is going on.. I want to do something that I can feel, that I don’t have to look for like racing stripes, or flames. So, paint is out. I thought about foam spiders, but those will wear off in a really ugly way and likely leave residue. Which I can clean off with lighter fluid, but what will that do to the finish of the thing itself? I have to wonder these things. No one else will for me.

Oops, I just made Boomer get up and move to the top of the couch. I am a bad mother.

Kelli texted me a picture of snow on her front yard. When I got off the phone will her, earlier, she mentioned seeing a couple of flakes and how it would turn to rain. Then she sends me this horrific picture of her lovely front yard covered with snow a couple of hours later. Ewwwwww.


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