Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

I took the 8 hours and did a full and complete scan on all of my USB drives, hard drives, etc. I found a bad file and got rid of it, it didn’t come back. I still haven’t tested my administrative privileges, I’ll see about that later.

Right now I have so much work to do and Doc is home, distracting me. He finally opened his new pans, though. He wanted to use the cast iron grill pan I got him. So I can get some stuff done over the next hour. I converted the last two chap books to PDF files and will put them in the Member area post-haste.

I think I also need to test the BBS and make graphics for it and the related pages. Then the Patreon thing. No, I didn’t do that last night. I stayed up until 4am, with no nap, and then got cross-eyed and slept all morning. I do that, I get into what I am doing and lose track of time.

I got a new watch! New to me. The old security guy at the grocer had two watches in lost and found for 6 months and was tired of looking at them, so he gave them to Doc. One was a Casio, classic style. that Doc liked and an Armitron sport watch I liked. So I have a new Armitron watch. I have to figure out how to change the date on it, and turn off the alarm, though it didn’t go off last night. It has a nice, worn-in scratch on the bottom of the face, where the date is. Oh, it’s digital and it lights up blue. And there is a magnifying glass in the top, to better see the seconds ticking by. So cool. Free. I still want my Tigger watch back, but this will do for every day wear. Tigger is more for special occasions. With the four inch wide leather band and three straps, it’s meant to be worn over arm warmers.

I’ll have more downloads in the Member area soon. By the time anyone registers for it, it will be pretty full. I’m grouping some audio recordings of poems together in zip files, so you can download just the grouping you want, instead of individually from the main site. I don’t have many benefits or rewards up on Patreon, because there is not a lot I can do there to post and such. So this Member area is really important to seal the deal, as they say.

I’m going to make some Photoshop goodies and post them in there, as well.


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