Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

Relaxing with the Cats

The dog is off somewhere doing doggy things. Four cats are curled up with me and the other four are within my line of sight. Boomer just woke up from a nightmare. She was terrified and tense for a few moments, but I calmed her down. Silly kitty. I wonder what she dreams of. She has a lot of nightmares. I wish I could cure her of that with extra love. I give her extra love, just in case. Doc brought her soft food the other day. She has bad teeth, so she was really grateful for that.

In, let’s see, another 20 minutes, I should be feeling human again and ready to clean the house. I really let it go this weekend. Clutter everywhere.

Doc said we can leave the small tree up because it is so small, and make it a Valentine’s and Easter, etc. tree. I think I’m turning into my mother. Jesus help me. If I start making clothes for a cement goose statue on my porch, kill me, I have become her. Yes, she does that. You think I’m the only weird one in my family?

I got the audio stuff worked out. The page will be up shortly after this one, so, look for it under “Brain Candy Portfolio”. It’s the same old audio from the old site, right now, just with an easy way to play it. One I get Jem, I can start audio recording again. He’s slightly faster and more powerful than Bollux here. And I can upgrade his RAM to 16gb. He has a faster processor and much better video card with its own memory, so it isn’t sharing it with the main processor (to my understanding). Maybe Photoshop will play nicely with the new graphics card. And it is Windows 7, so all my shit will work. All of my software and devices. And it’s 7 Professional, so it has the XP emulator on it, so I may get to use some of my older software. There’s a recipe program I bought long ago that is very useful for translating odd ingredient amounts into usable measurements. I have a few hundred recipes from the catering company I used to work for that are all in odd amounts that need to be translated and batched. So, there is that to look forward to. Another thing to do. It would get a huge amount of paper out of one of my file drawers, though. And maybe I can find those un-copyrighted salad dressing recipes again. Those were good. There were too many to remember. They were our house dressings at the Pourhouse, I made them all by hand. The hardest part of the ordering, the wait staff said, was when it came to dressing, because every meal came with a delicious salad. People were torn between wanting to try new ones and going with thier old favorite, and I would throw in an original every so often.

Does it sound like I miss cooking? It’s winter. I loved cooking in the winter. Going into a hot kitchen from the cold and leaving at night from a stiflingly hot kitchen out into the cold, snowy air. Getting up on freezing mornings to take the first train to the Pourhouse to make soups and muffins, and coffee before the breakfast crowd arrived. In winter, I miss the commercial kitchen. In the summer, I don’t cook at all. I don’t even like going out to eat. I can’t eat when it’s hot. But winter . . . steaming hot coffee in a solitary kitchen, doing my thing to my music. Yep. If only I had gotten paid for that job, like, ever. I got two lights from IKEA in compensation. And I catered the owner’s Christmas party. Free. Alone. 50 people, with nibbles and drinks. Doc was not happy. He helped me track mud all over their white carpet (who has a dirt driveway where it rains a lot and white carpeting?). But I’m not as cruel as you think, along with their new Mercedes, they got a rug cleaner for Christmas. I was bitter.

I’ve been following my stats on my site. No one visited over the holidays, to be expected. I seem to have a small but solid set of readers. Most traffic goes to the journal and reads 4 entries. Other traffic checks out my portfolios. So I’m all about filling things up so the people coming here have new things to look at.

I fixed the poll. You should all be able to use it now. It had a default setting I wasn’t aware of. Lilliane clued me in, and I got it fixed. I hope. If not, tell me. There is no point to a poll no one can participate in. And I want a poll! Dammit! I’ve always wanted to ask ridiculous opinions of people and find the majority answer and have always found polls to be completely boring. I’m here to change that!

What else can I fill this site with? I guess I’ll do a Circus Catimus section eventually. Though, they may get their own domain and site. I can make more videos, and record new audio, and stream and save and edit arting projects, once Jem gets here. That reminds me, I have to somehow add Stick to the Art Gallery. That is my opus to date, it needs to be up there.

And then there’s all the cam images. I’m thinking of a new Coppermine gallery for those. There are thousands, I’m not doing regular galleries of them. Too time consuming. Coppermine handles things just fine. I just need the newest copy on my domain. I also need a copy of WordPress on, so I can do Kelli’s site. And then I will need it on Circus Catimus. Those all have photos/videos that can be put into regular galleries. I want to make a really elegant site for Kelli. Will I need WordPress on the main domain and then in her subfolder? I’ll have to ask Cryo. This means a lot of work for him. And for that, I’m sorry. But it’s time I got my shit together. And that means the domains I have been paying for and doing nothing with for so long. I want to be an artist’s portal. I will host limited amounts of certain artist’s work, and promote the hell out of everyone else. I want something where I am doing the reviews of artists and recommendations, and then let the users comment/rate the pieces/artists.

SEO is something I need to think about before I go much further. I need to get these sites registered with Google. That means I need a site map. I think I found a plugin that will make one for me. And then the keywords. I rewrote the front page to include every keyword I want to use. It was much easier than I thought it would be. I can bullshit my way through just about anything, given that I am able to write it.

I checked my stats at my webhost, and I’m up to 88,000 hits for the month, according to it. I’ve had 12 visitors in the last day, according to my WordPress tracking. Guess which one I believe? Bots bots bots. Driving my traffic up. Assbots. Botholes. Douchebots. Twatbots.

Why is Budweiser using Irish music? That is so wrong, on so many levels. I have issues with most commercials. They are the most assaulting, insulting things I come across all day. And the Star Wars car commercials just make me see red. They really make me angry. I got a Darth Vader tin of cotton swabs for Christmas, and a can of Darth Vader soup. And a puzzle from the first three movies. Cotton swabs. Star Wars Cotton Swabs. Fully licensed. Disney name all over it. Cotton swabs. That defies me.

Doc and I have decided on one toy from Star Wars. The App driven BB-8 droid. We’re saving money for it, praying it doesn’t sell out. It has a little stand it recharges and rests on, then you put it on the floor and let it wander around, or use your phone to drive it around and chase cats. And it beeps and eventually recognizes your voice and responds to you. I told Doc we’re sending out adoption announcements when we buy it. And I’m going to take all those cute infant pictures with it and drive my Facebook friends crazy for once. We’ll take it to the park and pose it on the swings and show it holding Chewy’s leash. We can show it capturing cat toys and invading (with our help) cat spaces. This is going to be fun. Doc is letting me get away with the adoption notices (of which I will send one to my parents, HA!) because he figures my biological clock is going off. I don’t know how to tell him I think my uterus is dead. The maternal part of me, not extended to pets, just doesn’t exist. I never felt a thing for Nigel. It’s just not in me, if it isn’t electronic or animal, I just don’t care.

Erg. I’m not feeling better yet. I think I will shake up my cleaning routine. Usually I do the kitchen, vacuuming, and litter boxes. I think this time I will reverse that, with much hand washing in between. Just to shake things up. And by the time I am done with the dishes, I will have forgotten doing the other stuff, think, oh god, I have to do that other stuff, and then find that I don’t. That will be a nice treat. And I think I’ll clean the coffee table off tonight. Doc has been piling up stuff so I can’t just clean it. Time to clean it off and wash it down. We have no coasters, so there are rings all over the glass. It drives me nuts.

I have to wash my hair and stuff, too. I’ve had it up for so long, I forget what it looks like down. I’ll do it in my room and take a sitting shower. Or squatting shower. See if I can get rid of this itching scalp thing before I shave my head and smear lotion all over it. The Seroquel withdrawal itching is long over, this is just plain itching. Stupid scalp. And nothing helps. Not even prescription shampoos. My scalp is incredibly dry and oily at the same time. It flakes constantly, but I can’t go more than two days without washing it because it gets so greasy. Explain that too me. Explain how my chin can peel and break out at the same time.

The Star Wars car commercial that is the worst, is the one that throws in a “Jaws” reference. So not right.

I just made a fresh pat of coffee! I forgot. I went in to smoke a cigarette under the stove vent and made coffee when I was done. Go me. James Corden is almost over. Bummer. Not just at the dismal musical number straight out of Glee. Confetti and everything. Bummer that nothing is on but news. Maybe I can find BBC news or NHK news from Japan. Doc and I watch that a lot. We get one Japanese channel and we have been watching it a lot. The variety shows are great. I have no idea what they are talking about most of the time, but the physical comedy is alive and well in Japan. They didn’t show any holiday shows, though. I thought there would be at least one. Since the 50’s, the Japanese have really latched on to the commercial and festive traditions of Christmas. They even have their own Santa Buddha. He has a red robe, open to his big belly and chest, and a sack of toys sitting next to him. Their other Santa is Colonel Sanders. For some reason, KFC became a big part of Christmas celebrations in urban centers. So, at Christmas, they dress the Colonel like Santa. Other things include candies I wouldn’t eat, food I wouldn’t eat, and cakes I’d try. I’m adverse to almost all Japanese food.

Litter boxes and vacuuming all done. Let the festival of the spreading out of the cat toys begin. Just dishes left. I estimate 30 minutes. I’ll race the timer again. I made it in 40 last time. Including the sautee pans, which we always have at least three dirty. And I bought Doc a new one, just what I needed. I already have them hanging from the walls and stacked on the stove on the middle “burner” that isn’t really a burner.

I have the witch’s brew going. Doc added some fresh apple peels to it today. I had been using frozen peels, and the smell just doesn’t compare. I’m going to peel him a couple of oranges and put them in a bag and throw the peels in the pot. He picked up some nutmeg, so I’m going to add that, too. It’s so nice to have the house not smell neutral or like animals. I just want the house to be clean with that smell going on. I want no clutter or mess. The living room is clean, but for the coffee table. That predicated vacuuming. I think I will ruin Chewbacca’s night and put our sleeping gear away. I mean, no clutter. The wires on the floor that can’t be avoided are making me crazy. I had to turn an external hard drive over, it is meant to stand up, but was making a straining noise, so I laid it down. No more noise, and it is working quite well now. I have to figure out a place for it. The place where it is on the table is where I put my paperwork when I’m working, I need that space. The cats only allow me enough room on the couch for my spiral notebook and the keyboard and trackball.

Jem will be here by Thursday night!!! Hooray for FedEx!

Okay, poll is working, front page rewritten, headers added, graphic elements added, time to put the short code into the Audio page and publish that. I already have all the graphics for the page made. Just plug-n-play. As soon as I’m done with the dishes. Remember, 30 minutes, I’ll be racing the timer.


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