Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

Some day, I Swear . . .

I will do something easy. Actually, once I found the right plugin last night, the video gallery was pretty easy. But this audio gallery is giving me fits. I’ve actually had to ask for help in the forum from the designers. Because of something stupid. I just can’t suss it out. It’s late, I’m not nearly nicotined or caffeinated enough. I am medicated. I’ve been up for two hours, working. The uploading I did last night was no good, and I need to delete it and get it off the server. I had to re-upload all of the files to a different gallery database. Then, it detected the albums of one set, but not the others, because they technically have no albums. And I don’t know how to load files that aren’t IDed, So, do I need to go edit the EXIF info on all of them and then re-upload? I want an answer to that before I start doing it.

I just added a poll widget to the left side of the page. I’ll work on making it more readable. I promise to keep it semi-silly. I won’t be asking any deep religious or political questions. I don’t care who is voting for Trump or Bernie. Doesn’t matter to me. I unplugged from the whole scene. So the poll feature will stay up for a while, we’ll see what polls Doc and I can think up. The one up now is culinarily crucial. You can vote once a week. I don’t know how long I’ll leave it up. Considering I’m getting no traffic right now, and working hard to get more, and I think the question and answers are pretty clever, it will be up for a while in its current incarnation. Don’t forget to vote!

Back to working on the audio galleries. I got the answer to my question from support, and yes, I was being thick. Kind of. It’s not the most intuitive process, but I pressed enough buttons that I should have found it on my own. So I can get that done by sun down, if I work my ass off at it. Freeing me up to clean tonight and then art. Scorpion is on at 9, so I get an hour’s break. Otherwise, it’s blasting music and working manically.

Which reminds me, I need my happy pills. Time to go find something to eat.

Oh, did you see I finally got a damn personalized header image on the blog posts page? How cool is that? For hours I searched how to do it. I tripped over the answer on a different forum last night. Oh, so happy.


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