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The Video page in the Eye Candy Gallery is live: There’s even a new one in there. Somewhere. Okay, it’s called “Lonely”.

I’ve got the witch’s brew going of orange and apple peels, cinnamon sticks, nutmeg and cloves. The house has smelled delicious for days between it and the baking. We made chocolate crinkle cookies (8 dozen, that recipe yielded!), and put peanut butter m&ms in the center to make surreal flowers.

I bought headphones, an extension cord for them, and a laptop today. I had the $200 credit for the laptop. I found one below that with free shipping, and with the service warranty, I only spent $18 on it. I spent $30-something at amazon on the headphones, because I got Doc some ear buds. He finally expressed an interest in listening to music on his new phone when it comes. So I got him nice, comfy looking ear buds. That got us into free shipping territory. Cool.

I’m working on the Audio page for the Brain Candy Section. It’s the quickest way to get my poetry up, while I work out how best to post it in text after that. And while I work out which poems I’m going to publish here. I think just the ones that I’ve recorded. The rest will have to be paid for. Once I work out how to publish my own book. It is way more complicated than it used to be, when I first published. So, some upcoming projects focus on the site. Now that the new year is on its way, I’m more determined than ever to get this site “finished”, and by that, I mean, fully functioning. It will never be finished.

Doc just got up and I’m ready to lay down. That figures.

It’s been cold here. It went down below 30 last night. That’s just not right. It’s supposed to warm up a little this week, but not enough for us to burn a Yule log outside on New Year’s Eve. So we’ll watch my video of Yule log past.

For those who looked, was my Spiced Banana Bread recipe complicated? Doc gave a copy to a millenial at work, who begged for it after trying the bread. She brought it back to him and asked if I had a youtube video of it or something because she didn’t know what to do with the recipe. I suppose “sift” and “fold” are too complex? What the hell happened to Home Ec.? This girl is married and the mother of one, does all the cooking in her house, and can’t follow a simple recipe. I weep for our future. I really do. What is wrong with these people? Are they all completely helpless? Destined to fill call centers with their whiny, entitled voices . . . I hope we move some call centers back here. Pay no attention to the fact that they have no idea what they are doing.

Do I have a youtube video making banana bread? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?


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