Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

Merry Christmas Everybody!

I’ve been up since 1am baking and cooking and prepping for more cooking. Doc is taking a nap. When he wakes up, he’s going to help me with 6 dozen cookies and 2 batches of nuts and a batch or two of fudge, depending on how our cocoa holds out.

I had him open his Star Wars shirt last night. We talked about it when I bought it, but I knew he’d forget all about it, which he did. The front is randomly covered in beige old-school ships from the first three movies. The back is plain. It’s a cool shirt, and if he was going to wear a Star Wars shirt, that would be the one. And he loved it.

He hasn’t opened his other presents yet, he was too tired. And he has no meat for the grill pan, so he has no motivation to open it. He’s also got clothes to open and try on. Stuff for work. And some stuff for lounging. I wasn’t kidding when I said I spent all my money on presents for him. I bought myself two pair of cheap boots and the rest went to him and Kelli for Xmas. He didn’t realize. He will today when he is sitting in the middle of a pile of gifts. He may not like to celebrate, but he can’t stop me from giving him things.

Next month, my money goes to getting me a decent laptop. The HP I wanted won’t be available anymore, but they will have others, and every time I look, I play the lottery that I’m going to find something good like Scout (who died because of an unrelated electrical issue) was. I will keep my eye out for HP, because I got a lot of recommendations for that brand. Toshiba is a work horse, as the Drone will testify. They will keep going to the last of their circuits, if you treat them right. They won’t be full power, or fully functional, but they will get what you need done. But the maintenance I had to go through with that before I made it a drone was hell on Earth. I will never buy another Toshiba. I got that one used for a giant discount because it was locked up with viri and fixed it our of desperation. Never again.

This one, Bollux, behavign again is refreshing. I got all of the Windows updates installed (all 150 of them – very old copy of Windows 7 on the reset drive), all of my software installed, including Adobe Premier. It only took 8 minutes. Of course it did.

Did I mention that my music flash drive is not infected, after all? I plugged it into the drone, because if I have to do a wipe, it’s no big deal. I replace one set of drivers and three programs, and I’m ready to go. I searched it, scanned it, examined it, ran it, everything was fine. I even played it for a couple of hours. All was well and the Drone is perfectly healthy and happy.

Oh, speaking of equipment, Doc mentioned that someone ordered some items from my Equipment and Supply Wishlisht back in October. He assumed the items were coming for Xmas, so he didn’t tell me until this morning, after they didn’t get here last night. So, if you sent me items from my Amazon Wishlist, I’m not an ungrateful bitch, I just didn’t get them and didn’t know about them until this morning. Thank you for the thought, the things you picked out were the top four things I would have picked for myself, if let loose on my wishlist. I can tell thought went into those choices, and I appreciate that in a big way.


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