Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

Highs and Lows

Doc woke me up roughly from my nap today, yelling and shaking my empty ganja jar at me. “Where is your weed?!?!” “In my lungs and bloodstream.” “This isn’t fucking funny! You’re not getting anymore for a while, I can’t believe you smoked all of that!”

Now I’m not saying that my taking my shirt off and lounging on the couch with my eyes closed while he had his “morning” coffee and woke up had anything to do with it, but he filled my jar back up before he left for work. I didn’t mean for that to happen, I was ready to go without tonight and tomorrow. I was prepared for that as I smoked it all last night while I was working. I was on a roll. I didn’t want anything breaking my groove, I was working fast and accurate and loving every minute of it. It was worth going without weed for 36 hours. He took pity on me.

Bollux ran Photoshop and ACDSee and Chrome for hours last night while I worked them hard. He didn’t shut down once. I got the graphics accelerator in Photoshop turned off, and Doc shut down all the customizations on the desktop. That seems to have helped a lot. So I got a lot of little stuff done to the site last night. Little tweaks and additions and graphics improvements. There is one page I can’t seem to edit, the post.php page. So I’m going to try to make another one to look like I want it and replace the one that is being bitchy. I need to personalize the Journal page, I made a neat header for it. I’m still getitng the hang of these pages things on WordPress. I’ve been playing with customization and graphics and widgets and plugins, now I need to get to know my site and see what it can really do.

On my Tech Patron’s suggestion, I got a brute force attack protector on the site. It stops repeated login attempts. He also suggested a plugin updater, but I’m on the site every day, so I update them myself, and when I stop using a plugin, I delete it. I save a copy of the original zip file on one of my hard drives. I’m trying to keep things uncluttered and simple so I don’t get confused and give up on this in 6 months.

[smurfify} Click that smurf when you’re done reading this, or if you know my mind really well, before. When I found this plugin, I had to have it. I don’t use it often, just when I’m feeling funky. Smurfs have a special meaning to me. They are one, or many of the things I hallucinate when things get bad. Little cartoon smurfs in my kitchen, running around with the cats, but the cats don’t seem to notice. I think it dates back to junior high. As I was losing my own mind, I met a batshit crazy kid who only wore clothes with smurfs on them. His grandmother made them for him. He really believed his absentee father was Gargomel, and had taken his childhood cat and made it evil. I envied the freedom he had to just let his freak flag fly. I was so bottled up and called weird when I did talk, I was completely self-suppressed. It wasn’t until the summer of my Freshman year that I got put away for three months in a loony bin. That was after a year of letting my freak flag fly and testing just how much my parents didn’t notice about me.

That took a weird turn. My paragraphs tend to do that, don’t they? When I journal write, I tie things in together that shouldn’t be, so I can’t really break them up into paragraphs. So the paragraphs get weird as I go off on my tangents. It makes it very hard to do the “tag” thing when I’m done writing. I usually come back to the entries once a week and skim them and choose tags for them. It is much easier with distance.

No Christmas selfies. Firstly, I don’t have either of my Santa hats out. Secondly, I’m ignoring my hair. Only taking it out of the pony tail once a day to brush it and every other day to wash and condition it. I don’t feel like having it on my neck and face and ears and shoulders and arms. It’s to the point where, either I leave it tied back for a while, or I shave it off. And I just dyed it and made art out of it and I want to put some blue streaks, or stripes, in it. I might straighten it and do horizontal stripes. Or do a Teri Nunn thing and just do the tips. Even on the dark side, the ends are blonde, so I could do the ends blue. And then, for good measure, some undertones and low lights. That will be in February, when I can afford to do the blonde and the blue at the same time.

I’m thinking of doing a high-contrast black and white photo series. I don’t want to go all Ansel Adams, so I’m going to avoid the outside. Which will also make lighting much more challenging. Especially with my three cameras which hate low light. And I have noticed that we don’t have this place lit very well. We keep it dim. Low-wattage light bulbs, small lamps with dark shades, that sort of thing. Even when I turn on the “bright” lights of the kitchen and the halls and the dining room (that one’s like a krieg light), it’s not enough to get good shots of the cats, unless it is daylight out, as well because we have a lot of windows. I get noise, and over-sharpness from the cam over-compensating, and in the case of the cats, glowing eyes if I dare use the flash. I wonder if I re-hack the firmware in my one camera, if it will help it deal with low light. Probably not, except for during picture taking, with longer shutter speeds. Tripod time. Ever chase cats around with a camera and tripod at 4 in the morning? I’m sure there are better things I could be doing.

So, I’m going to go through the images I have and see if any will lend themselves to high contrast/b&w. Most of them do well with high contrast color, or high contrast, bleached and replaced color. I’ll give those a try, first. I just learned how to use the “curves” tool in Photoshop effectively for a few effects, only to find, soon after, that there is precious little else that I can do with it. It’s really quite a clumsy tool, unless you have infinite patience and enter the values integer by integer until you get the result you want. I am not that patient. And “levels” is not nearly as clumsy. You’re not trying to move a point on a curve, you are merely sliding sliders back and forth to get the desired contrast and brightness.

I should write Photoshop articles. One thing about it is that there are usually several ways to do one thing. Everyone has their preference, but very few people bother to explain why that is. Do they like a particular way for a particular technique, but not others? Do they find it more efficient? Do they have more control over variables? Is there a keyboard shortcut that makes it intuitive? I should explain that shit. Just in case anyone is curious, like I am. Why do I use a thumb-controlled trackball for design and not a tablet? My hands shake too badly to use a tablet. And I mouse right-handed and draw left-handed, it is counter intuitive. There are reasons for this stuff.



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