Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

Train of Thought: Derailed

I got a nasty interruption while working. It got me all confused. I have the gallery made, fear not. I just have to get it to look like I want it to. I changed a setting somewhere that is interfering with individual choices. So, I’ll get that worked out. The “Top Photoshop Tutorials I Tried in 2015” article will be later tonight or tomorrow. That just writes itself. All I really have to do is fill in the images and links. That will be my first “article” up here. A big deal. I didn’t think I was going to do it, except maybe political and religious stuff. But, it just seemed more fun to me to show off what I did and show how everyone else can do it, as well.

I’m so sketched out right now. B paid a visit. Apparently Jodie and he got it in their heads that Doc had passed on, and panicked today about it. I didn’t talk to him, I hid. On the floor. He saw me. He texted Doc and apologized for freaking me out.

I’m so glad the sick and the withdrawals are over. I feel galaxies better. I got a lot of stuff done today that should have been done two weeks ago. I do my best.

Doc is sick again. Achy. He didn’t get shot for the flu. I am concerned. We’re out of cold medicine, not that he will take it. He’ll take Ny-quil to sleep when sick, but that’s it. No stimulant remedies. Pussy.

Did I tell you that Chewbacca bit Boomer the other day? She had the unmitigated gall to curl up next to him and put her paw on his. At first it looked like he was kissing her, and she was nuzzling against him, and then it turned bad. He started nipping at her neck, and must have connected because she hauled off and slapped him silly. He snapped at her for it and she slapped him again and then got up and left. I put him outside to cool off for a while. It was 67 out. I’m not cruel. She loves him so much and he totally betrayed her precarious trust. He used to curl up with the cats all the time. I don’t know what his deal is, he’s been getting more territorial. The cats get too much attention, as far as he’s concerned. He doesn’t understand that he is just one, and they are 8, they need more time than him.


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