Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

"Every Day, in Every Way, I'm Felling Better and Better."

That’s a really random movie quote, so I won’t expect anyone outside my family to get it. We used to quote it all the time to each other. No one else I ever knew, knew the quote, or was very familiar with the movie, more’s the pity. It’s from one of the Peter Sellers Inspector Cleuseau, Pink Panther movies. And it’s not a Seller’s quote.

Muffin eaten, meds taken. It will be a good night.

I’ve had the laptop running clean for the last half day. Once it hits 24 hours tonight, I will start putting my software back on. It occurred to me that I used my Photoshop serial in Premier. It installed with it. But that doesn’t explain the system shutdown and startup problems, because I never launched it. Doc has been asked nicely to leave the startup processes alone for a while. He knows more about that than I do, but he doesn’t know everything. I’d rather err on the side of caution, since Scout hasn’t even been posted to the service place yet. So I won’t be getting that back for New Year’s. This has to last me until Scout gets back. I will make it so.

The cats are all asleep. I want to make videos, and they are all being boring. I should empty their food container. That would get their attention.

It’s warmer today. 52 degrees. About average. The 40 degrees of yesterday was a little uncalled for. Winter doesn’t even start until Monday. And the 32 degrees of this morning was really off-putting. The dog wouldn’t go out to pee without his hoodie, at 4 in the morning. And Teeny didn’t want to go out to pee until I put Chewy’s sweater on her. It was big, and really cute, and she walked funny in it, but she went out and peed.

I wanted Doc to get a Christmas Sweater for the cats. Getting 8 is impractical, and it isn’t like I’ll be able to get them all in the same frame, so I figured one sweater, then we put it on a cat, pose said cat by the mini tree and snap a photo. Or maybe it will be funnier if we take video of it. And do it with all the cats, in turn. Doc is skeptical. He insists that I use Chewy’s sweater, unless he runs into one at Target or Walmart. He’s not going to the PetSmart, which is smart, because sweaters are really expensive there.

This coffee is good. It’s a few hours old, and I had to reheat it, but it tastes good, anyway. I was down to three cups in the coffee reservoir, so I made 3/4 pot with a full pot’s grounds in it. Best coffee ever. I’ll have to remember that in the mornings, instead of throwing out the leftover from the night before. If it isn’t burned, make strong coffee over it and all will be good. Though, after this cup of coffee, I think I may have a whipped cup of hot chocolate with half water/half milk. Doc bought some Swiss Miss the other day. Beware of Swiss Miss, the regular picture has a whipped top, so if you look quickly, you think that there are marshmallows in it. Doc was heartbroken that he didn’t get me marshmallows in my cocoa. He was deceived. I got over it. I picked out the marshmallows from my Lucky Charms and used those. Same difference.

This weekend is cooking weekend. I’m healthy. Doc is healthy. It is time. We have pies to make and quiches to make, as well as the goodies. I’ve decided not to take on the really challenging chocolate sugar cookies guaranteed not to spread. The directions were two pages long, once printed out. I’m just not in the mood. And I don’t have a dedicated refrigerator to chill the cookies once they are cut out. And I’m not turning the heat down in the kitchen to work the dough. The key is to not let the butter melt while you are working the dough. And when it does, chill it immediately and thoroughly. Frankly, they look to cool to eat, and no one I know will appreciate them. The crinkle cookies, on the other hand, are impressive looking and easy to make.

Today was cleaning day. Well, last night, too. I’ve been sleeping from 8pm to midnight and then staying up until Doc gets home and then napping from 9am to 1pm. I think I’m getting enough sleep. Basically, when I get tired, I lay down. Doc is changing his schedule soon. Either a day shift or another night shift. I don’t know what to advise him, because I don’t know what he wants to do. He gets paid more for working at night, but he might be tired of that. I support him no matter what he does, and I will change my sleep around to be able to wake him up for work every day like I do now.

Felix and Boomer are laying on Doc’s couch together. It’s so good to see them getting along. Boomer has taken over the cat tree, and won’t let anyone else in it. If I weren’t so happy about her being out from under the couch and standing up for herself, I would be worried about the territoriality. Oh, now Major is in the cat tree, since she is on the couch. Okay, they are still using it, just not while she is in it. That’s cool. Everyone is melding. Except Teeny. She still terrorizes Boomer and Freddie and Felix. I think that is what Felix and Boomer are bonding over. Being Teeny’s victims.


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