Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

I Made a Video

It’s short, 7 minutes. It stars Teeny, Chewbacca, and Vader, and Vader’s purr. I could try to edit it in the rudimentary movie program that came with Windows. I narrated it. It’s a brief tour of the living room, well, part of it. And the dining room, so you can see what I’m up against with the dining room table getting cleaned off. I’ve given up on the big tree.

Got to get over this sick. I’m feeling better than I was when I got up two hours ago. Much better. I can bake like this today. Not like when I woke up. I was spewing phlegm from every opening. Now I’m keeping my sputum in my body. And tissue. Endless tissue.

AGAIN: I LOST ALL THE XMAS CARD EMAILS. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GET THEM BACK TO ME ASAP., subject: xmas. Please, I have recovered only a fraction of what I had and I have the cards and they are beautiful and I really want to share them with you. Please email me your mailing addy and name. I won’t use the info for anything else, I promise. I’m not a headhunter for Zuckerberg.

Okay, I will keep posting this in here, and in Facebook. Right up until I have to send them out. Which will be SOON. And I’m actually writing them down in a notebook now, instead of trusting an infectable drive. My mistake last time. The drive my mail was on was the diseased drive and I lost it. I’m still terrified to use my computer for anything but social media. It’s a big phone. At least today, I will watch Netflix on the flat screen.

Right, I’ll go play with the video and see if I can do anything with it. I know if I installed Adobe Premier, I could brighten it and make the sound louder in Audition for Vader’s purr. *sigh* Still too scared to implant my software.


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