Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

Okay, a New Day.

The cross-post plugin is not working on the backend, but it is working on the front end. Curious.

I described the last two days on Facebook as an Unscheduled Malicious Bot Festival in my laptop. I think I’ve isolated the infected USB flash drive. I don’t dare plug it in. It was going crazy before I changed my password to my machine, and it was going crazy during the spyware automatic install party that followed. It’s my music playlist, so I haven’t lost anything that wasn’t redundant.

What I did lose was the batch of Xmas card addresses sitting in my email. So I will spend the next couple of days trying to alert people and get them back.

I’m still afraid to start installing software. Even though I know all my software is safe and my software drives are clean. Doc is going out, I have to vacuum any way. I’ll think more on it then. Cleaning is kind of a zen thing with me. I totally meditate while cleaning. Sometimes to the detriment of the housework, and I have to go back and wash the backs of a couple of plates or vacuum the cat tree.

Hey! How do you add an image in the new version of WordPress? Am I dense? I wanted to show you the futon cover we found that is so grown up and will really take our living room to a new level of adult. Then there’s just the damn white book case. Once I get rid of that and get the new futon cover (we’re getting it in steel grey, not the taupe you see) this living room will be perfect. Perfect art on the walls, perfect furniture, perfect accessories. It’s still Thrift Store Chic, but taken to a more coordinated level, out of the college-apartment-poured-into-a-house look.

I tried to give Doc a couple of days off. But he said it just exposed him to my crazy (because the computer thing was happening and I was pretty unhinged) for two days and made him miserable. Go me. He just wants to go home and see his dying father. And when he gets back from that, if he comes back from that, he will be ten times more miserable than he is now.

And up comes the decision. When his dad goes, who goes home to take care of his mom? His older brother is newly widowed, he could move home. But he has a life and wouldn’t want to. His older sister has a big family with kids going away to college soon and they live a state away. That leaves us. I don’t want to think about that. I always knew it was inevitable that we would end up going back there to take care of one of them. I had just hoped it wouldn’t be the one who hates me. And hates life. And won’t like it any better as a widow.

I thought I escaped family. I know I sound selfish, but not my monkeys, not my circus. She didn’t raise me. I don’t want to put all my stuff in storage and live in her tiny house with her and take care of her. Merry Christmas.


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