Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

When is it Time to Get Serious?

The table will not get cleaned off today. Doc’s been on a many-hour odyssey to get the rent paid and pick up some meds for me and maybe go see B. about the scooter bike. So the tree is not going up this weekend. At what point do I just put the tree up anyway?

It’s time for me to start making lists and seriously collecting boxes from the garage with the intent to use for a specific person. I am getting everything sent out on time this year. I swear it.

chewThe second loaf of banana bread is not going to make it to work with Doc. I’m going to have to make more. I have to make some without nuts for a person with a mild allergy, so, more for me. The nuts need to be put away, taken out of our sight and minds. He needs to go to Winco and get more pecans if he is going to go through them like I am. We are quite the candy-demolishing team. That way I will save the “good” nuts from Lilliane for gifts, and use the Winco nuts to make him and I all the candied nuts we can consume.

I have a can of pumpkin puree, and the can of condensed milk and the spices and the crust for pumpkin pie, I’m wondering what would happen if I put 8 ounces of softened cream cheese into the mix. Would that just make the entire thing too soft and ruin it, but for spoons? Or would that make a richer, creamier pie? Not a cheesecake, I’m not looking for that, I’m just thinking of sprucing up the old pumpkin pie. And my pie plates are shallow, but I could really use the extra 8 ounces of stuff to fill two properly.

The cards have to be colored and inked in the light, but I can do the cutting of the paper in the lamp light tonight.

HA! I’m watching “Galaxy Quest” and I forgot that Rollins is the voice of the computer in it. I have mixed feelings. On the one hand, I rather publicly told him to fuck off after he condemned Robin Williams for his own “weakness” in his suicide. On the other, he was my guiding star for a very long time. Why do you think I’m such a misogynist? Such a misanthrope? I didn’t get it from him, but he was instrumental in developing it into an art. His music and videos, and books all kept me enthralled. I don’t listen to his radio show, I dislike his taste in music, mostly. And I don’t read what passes for his blog/diary.

His tshirts hang on my wall with shirts I’ve won in feminist internet contests and bands from Germany I’ve seen once before they faded back into obscurity. Doc and Kelli didn’t want me to burn his stuff, simply based on the time and cost involved with collecting it, and in some unfortunate cases, re-collecting what had been stolen. Yes, I see the irony of the shirts on the wall. That’s why I included his stuff.

I got Doc to agree to help me make fudge. I’m worried about the final step, beating the cooling fudge until the shine goes out of it. I don’t know if I have the upper arm strength to do it by myself, and, well, funny story about my hand mixer. Oh, no, wait, I told you, it’s the Veyron of hand mixers. It has ten settings. I believe, in my heart, that 10 would propel the proper ship to Andromeda. I haven’t used it past 1. And it still spits out pieces of butter and sugar. I wouldn’t dare put it in a bowl with flour in it. That would just be a youtube video waiting to happen.

Oh, about doubling candy recipes: There is a really really really good chance your pot will overboil. Do not attempt this on an electric stove. I managed not to make a mess, but it took 30 minutes to get the candy mixture up to temperature, instead of 10. And I had to work the stove burner control like a video game controller from the 80’s the whole time. Nightmare. Don’t do it. Make 2 batches. This is an experienced and trained and once highly placed chef telling you this. It’s like making your own puff pastry, you can do it, but why? It’s a mess you don’t need, when store bought will 95% of the time be better. Just sayin’. I can make damn near anything. I buy my puff pastry, and from now on, I make my candy in small batches.

That’s all the wisdom from the kitchen for now. I have to turn on some lights and stuff. Isn’t that a great picture of Chewbacca? I just wish he’d let me take his hoodie off to wash it. Nope. Like a kid with a beat up stuffed animal. I get it, I was that kid.


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