Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

A Special Kind of Hell

I forget that the bars don’t close here.

Yes, we went to the shrink today. Yes, we took the bus. At 8 in the morning. You’d think we’d get a break from the “people” at that hour, just have commuters . . . yeah. No. Really drunk, really angry, really loud man. Cydnieys really scared. Doc tucked me into a seat and sat guard.

That awkward feeling when you finally get a Krispe Kreme and it makes you horribly sick. *runstothebathroomtothrowupmorecoffee*

I loved that doughnut. It had sprinkles. It’s hurtin’ me bad. Bacteria dancing through my gut, goose marching on my intestines. The gloves only work if you change them from time to time. Ugh.

So, Doctor B. still denies me the stimulants, and explained why he will forever deny me stimulants. They manufacture more dopamine. More dopamine = more psychosis. I happen to have a lot of psychosis. As far as the cognitive symptoms, he would look into it further, but he felt once I stopped Seroquel (more on that in a second), my cognitive functioning would improve. Okay, the Seroquel. Yes, I am meant to double the Latuda to the max dose, and wean myself slowly off the Seroquel over the next few weeks (while he’s out of town, and I am driving a loaner Doctor). He also feels once I stop the Seroquel, the weight will melt off. I am not so confident, and told him I give him three months. The last time I stopped Seroquel the weight melted off, so . . .

That’s my psychiatric update. Topomax now gets taken with the Latuda, since I’m getting the munchies on it, and according to listed side effects, the opposite should be true. We’re still looking for a substitute for Cymbalta. Doctor B. has nothing right now, except an newer one, that most likely won’t be covered, either. I have to call tomorrow, and find out if the prescription company is dumping the generic of Cymbalta as well as the brand, or just the brand. Even the generic is expensive, so I’m not holding out hope. I’m also going to see if the drug company has any kind of helper program to pay for it like with the Latuda.



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