Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

Turn off the News

Turn off the news. What would you do with a friend who willingly lied to your face on a daily, hourly basis, and then tried to sell you stuff? You’d kick them to the curb. Anyone would, and rightly so.

But we “rely” on the news. And every day we turn our channel on and get our information. But we’re not getting information. We’re getting infotainmemt. And as such, it has no obligation to the truth.

And it isn’t a matter of “liberal” or “conservative” news. They are all lying. They are all giving Trump free campaign publicity, knowingly. They, the news networks, are orchestrating a Trump presidency. Even MSNBC. Why? To get Trump elected. MSNBC needs an enemy for ratings. A Trump presidency would give them 4 years of something to rant about and get ratings with and sell you more stuff with.

The news networks don’t care about you, or me. They don’t care about informing, or truth. They care about the bottom line, and if there was ever any doubt, this election cycle should pretty much cement it. Everyone, regardless of political leaning, is giving free time to complete morons because it gets more people outraged, and then they watch more, and then of course, they buy more.

You are nothing to them. We are nothing to them. Stop watching the news. It’s making you stupid. It’s holding you back. No, there is no other centralized way of getting information, but think about it, do you really need to know about the latest mass shooting? It’s the same old story. White conservative Christian male opens fire on someone. No one is to blame because he is white and Christian. Do you really need to hear that again? You don’t. Look up the weather and traffic online and leave the news off. You’ll be happier for it, more well adjusted, and just not as sad.


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