Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

Eyes Wide Open

And not that stupid Tom Cruise movie.

No, MY eyes. Wide open. An hour and a half ago, I was struggling to stay awake, but had to in order to get Doc up and off to work. There is so much to do, that I don’t know where to start. I guess I should start with the coffee table, then go do my art stuff . . . Doc is bringing a work friend home, so I’m cleaning like my mother is coming over. Well, not my mother, she isn’t allowed to know where I live anymore, but your mother. Someone’s mother. Like, filling up the book shelf, cleaning.

I found my table-top xmas tree, so I’m going to put that in the corner here, between the couches. It has candles and spring flowers on it right now, it could do with a tree. That’s on the list of things to do. But yeah, I have to really clean this living room. We won’t need the space, but it’s nice to have it instead of a pile of plastic shoe boxes and canvas boards and one really heavy chunk of clay.

I’m making the Xmas cards this week. I’m also starting to assemble Xmas gifts so while I am in the garage searching for Xmas decorations, I can look for shipping boxes, too. There’s no wind today, I should spray paint that chair while I have the chance.

And at some point, I have to take a shower and wash my hair. The season of leg shaving is over, thank god. I was so over that in April. But my hair, it needs some love. I’ll put the oils in it today and leave it curly again. It’s kind of funny because the blonde process took some curl out of my hair. But remember, not all of my hair is blonde. The section that was not bleached is just as curly as ever, so I have to tuck it behind my ear when I leave it curly, or it just looks silly. Little things I did not think of when I made the decision to leave part of it unbleached and make a statement. I didn’t realize my hair would have its own thing to say.

My surrogate little brother, S and his BFF, J, came by today. J was half the man he used to be. He had gastric bypass surgery and it is working for him. S looks like Rob Zombie. He let me play with his beard. They came over to say “high” to Doc and I. So I take back all the nasty things I said about his friends earlier this week. They came through, at an awkward time, as Doc was sleeping, but they came through. So, if they come back to visit, they get cookies and candy.

038I tried doing the gallery thing on my site, and I need to see it in action. I’ve only seen the back end. I haven’t seen the results of certain settings, or any settings. Even the default settings would give me a place to start. I don’t want to go through the process live, even though there’s no one here. It just makes me feel oogy. So I have to go back to the developer’s site and see if I can find some examples of it. It has almost a million active installs, so it shouldn’t be hard.

Okay, back to Pinterest for a fudge recipe and a certain chocolate cookie recipe I know I saw there. Then I am standing up and doing something. I don’t care what, something to improve the condition of this house. I think I decided where to put the cat tree (in front of the book case in the corner). I should move it and do a thorough vacuum under it. That is where the big tree is going. I told Doc I want the dining room table cleared off before I set up Xmas, which he said was no incentive, until I demonstrated my whiny voice nagging him about it. The table will be cleared this weekend.

I guess I’ll set up my bed as a staging ground. I have to dig the small ornaments out of the box of all ornaments so I can decorate the table top tree. And I don’t want all those boxes out here for a week or more. The lights are in the pantry. Don’t ask. At first, we had a lot of room in there. We had no idea we would fill it up with small appliances and food.

I know this is terribly boring, but I have no one to talk it out with, and I need to talk it out or write it out to process it and visualize it so I can do it right. I think I’ll take some Sudafed. As I mentioned, I do better on that. I wonder what Ritalin would do to me. I’ve never tried it because most forms of speed don’t affect me. And the ones that do make me ugly. I mean, junkie ugly. Coke – nothing. Meth – psychotic episode. “Black Beauties” – nothing. Speed/coke mixed – nada, Evil Man tried to get me hooked on it, but I always gave it away to a coke head that I worked with. He enjoyed the boost of the speed, it was like a little holiday for him, and Evil Man kept me well-supplied.

So that’s why I’m writing about this stupid shit. I’m trying to think it out so I do everything I intend to do. Doc isn’t home, so I can use my big mixing bowl. I melted records in it and then washed and sterilized it, but he’s still weird about it (remember what we talked about last night about each other’s weirdnesses?). But I can use that, the blue bowl set, and the metal bowl set. That’s three batches of cookies. I need to get more butter out of the fridge. And I want to make some fudge, too. And the pumpkin pie, but that is quick to whip up, and I can make fudge while it is baking. I’d also like to find the recipe for the $100 brownies. These things are so rich, they used to sell at a big, full-service department store in SFO for $100 a pan. I’ve never made them for Doc, and he loves brownies. I remember it is a really simple recipe. 2 squares baking chocolate, 2 eggs, and I think 2 cups sugar and 1 cup flour or is it 1 cup sugar and 2 cups flour? See, that’s too much flour for two eggs and a bit of vanilla. so it must be one cup of flour. I’ll just the drop the ingredients I’m sure of the measurements of into Google and see what it gives me. It was released twenty years ago, it has to be on the web by now.

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