Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

I Can't Work

Really, I’m trying. But my head is spinning with today’s influx of personal information. My sister-in-law died. I’m not sad. I didn’t like her very much. But I feel bad for Doc’s brother, her widower. Though he is staying in St. Croix, so it can’t be all bad for him.

See? I can’t even type about work!

Pictures, I have to sort pictures. The flatscreen is hooked up so I can sort pictures.

Oh, here’s why I am up: Doc went to work at the usual time, for the usual shift – 9pm-5:30am, which will get him home by 6:30am. Then he has a cocktail (he found the bottle of whiskey I hid from him, for him to find around the holidays) and unwinds, and goes to sleep, to wake up at noon, and go to work at 1:30pm to be there by 3:30pm (Sunday bus schedule doubles his commute), and will work until 1am. If he doesn’t do this, he gets fucked straight out of his holiday pay (UPS is a bitch), but if he does it, he gets a sweet, sweet pay day for the end of the month. Airfare money.

So, I predict, by 3am, when he gets home tomorrow night, he should be good for his “Walking Dead” audition three hours later (just kidding about the audition).

The animals already have cabin fever, it’s down around freezing out. And while they will do wind, they will not do extreme cold. Chewy sang me the story of his frozen schmekel. Vader, the song of his chilly tail. What a chorus. I wish they would rehearse if they’re going to do that. Now Chewbacca has made a pillow fort out of my pillow and blanket. When I get up, I’ll toss the red silk throw pillow on top of the pile and he will pull it down on himself and be completely covered and in doggy heaven. He is so weird.

When Doc left at 7:30 last night, I was so tired. I just went to sleep until midnight. Felix slept on my face. Since it’s essentially winter here (yeah, like we have autumn, it’s three days long, and over in October), Felix is staying in all the time, so when I nap, he’s around. Chewy is just used to jumping up on my legs because Felix is going to sleep in his usual spot now. And then Felix lays down in Chewy’s spot next to my chest, and then slowly scoots up my nose. Eventually, around the time I am deeply asleep, he covers the half of my face that is exposed and cuts my breathing off. Doc says this is usually when I start fighting Felix in my sleep, trying to push him off, and him just clinging to the couch until I rolled over to get away from his fur. Do you hear what I’m telling you? It is non-stop adventure here! I know, I’ll calm down. I took Sudafed.

I have to brush my hair. It’s been a week. I’ve been finger combing it because I left it curly. Right now, my hair is brought to you by Nancy Spungeon/Chloe Webb/Young Courtney Love. Points if you get the first reference without Google. Triple points if you get the second reference without Google. And everyone knows Courtney Love.

How funny would it have been if Frances Bean had grown up to be like Saffron from Absolutely Fabulous? I was rooting for that. I was so rooting for that. THAT would have been apt punishment for being Courtney Love. Having to raise a wallflower who ruins clothes just by wearing them. HA!

Must try to work again. This is just silly. Maybe I should go in and bake or cook something. I have all these ingredients, you see.

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